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  • The Earth Gate on Feb. 11, 2013

    This is the first time I read a book trying to weave different genre (sci-fi, fantasy, spiritual) in an intriguing and interesting way. I loved it (intend to read more similar books from this or other authors). The plot is consistent and the tention is gradually built, increasing the excitement while reading...Once I began reading I had hard time to stop. The actionand the text is easily flowing and capturing the reader who is thrown into compex, but wel-described worlds and fantastic realms/dimensions. Hovewer, I had problems with the many italicized “author’s notes”. Many of then should be just simply integrated as normal text, maybe with some more descriptions. I wished many times to read more complex descriptions of the main caracters and their evolution throughout the story (their caracter was too basic). The interesting story and the complex, nicely built tension and action -however-, dominate my rating decision here.