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  • The Law of Attraction on Dec. 31, 2013

    Ms. Silber was nice enough to gift me a copy when I contacted her recently and requested for one thru one of her comments in a blog. Which worked out perfectly given that this has been on my TBR since it came out. It's a nice cute romantic read with likable characters. It's a straight rom com that will have you smile on many occasions. I love the side characters who actually made me laugh, especially the H's brother and friends. Hilarious! I truly wish I can rate this higher. Strangely enough, I thought the dialogues b/w the h and her friend, or the H&h's interaction with their respective parents, just felt really unnatural. Yet, I love the banter b/w the H&h or the H and his friends/siblings. I also didn't fully understand the h's decision around this one event (re: the first letter). And the severity of that event just felt out of place given how light the interactions have been through out the story. At the end though, it was a quick read given the amount of time I devoted to the book. It didn't capture me as much as I thought it was going to, but I thought it was funny enough for me to like it. I think I'm curious enough to find out what happens next. And I think I would actually prefer to read about the side characters and their stories (hint-hint, Ms. Silber:p). Bec I'm pretty sure Ms. Silber will only get better in time. Thank you again, Ms. Silber for the copy:)