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Published April 9, 2018.

Smashwords book reviews by Everett Nishi

  • Walkies: Cum Slut for Daddy and His Dogs on Aug. 03, 2016

    Wow! Walkies is an exciting and arousing short story. Most interesting story line about having a daughter as a personal bitch. Guaranteed to keep you up throughout your read. Can't wait to read the next in the series. Clothy
  • Oblivious: Daddy Loves Hypnosis on Aug. 06, 2016

    Deedee Zee never fails to please ... In so many ways! She takes family time in front of the TV to the next level. Her descriptions of taboo dipping and sucking with two daughters was captivating and arousing to the end. Clothy
  • Sickness: Daddy Loves Hypnosis on Aug. 12, 2016

    Deedee Zee never fails to please, pleasure and surprise. Her latest forbidden tale will keep you up to the end. Training his daughter to "help" with his sickness has stimulating and wet results. A mush have for her Hypnosis series.
  • Photogenic: Daddy Loves Hypnosis on Aug. 14, 2016
    (no rating)
    Deedee has brought erotica, and me, to new heights. This wonderful taboo story describes a man giving in to his forbidden desires, with just a little assistance. He, and his daughter, both enjoy therapy sing snd filling experience. A must have for your Deedeecollection!
  • Relay Race aka Done by Daddy & Brother Then Munching Her Sister’s Creampie: Going for Gold 1 on Aug. 20, 2016

    What terrific timing. deedee Zee's "special olympics" at the same time as the Summer Olympics. But .... Deedee's events are so much more enjoyable to read!! Read how father, son and twin daughters compete. Filling holes and eating cream pies, all as a judged, timed event. Wonderful story to start her new series!
  • Floor Show aka Gangbang Flexi Sex with Her Daddy and Uncles: Going for Gold 2 on Aug. 20, 2016

    Going a For Gold 2 continues the competitive sexual saga. A new event but the forbidden pleasures continue to new heights! Dad and his brother fill every hole as his daughter does her "floor routine". A must have continuation of Going For Gold 1!
  • Marathon aka Gangbang Creampie Train with Her Daddy, Brothers & Uncles: Going for Gold 3 on Aug. 20, 2016

    Well ... The 3rd in Deedee's Going For Gold series was an exciting finale!! The taboo marathon will keep you awake and up all night. This last event features daddy, his brothers and sons doing his daughter .... Every way imagined! It's a long go but she makes it, smiling and shaking all over. Waiting for Deedee's next naughty tale.
  • Friendly: Cum Slut for Daddy and His Dogs on Aug. 27, 2016

    Deedee does it again! A daughter returns home on a beak from college to find Daddy and his dogs so very eager for her return. She's quickly reminded how they enjoy filling and pleasuring her. A delightful continuation of Deedee's dog and Daddy series. Each one hotter than the previous.
  • Treats: Cum Slut for Daddy and His Dogs on Sep. 13, 2016

    My god!!!! Deedee has done it again with her stories of forbidden sex. Daddy and his dogs have a secret but it won't be long before his daughter is part of it ..... in addition to his wife. The beastiality and creampies are enough to keep you up all night. A delightful addition to Deedee's Cum Slut For Daddy And His Digs series. Loved every rock hard minute.
  • Pain Meds: Daddy Loves Taking Advantage on Sep. 15, 2016

    Another great story from Deedee Zee. Well written and steamy hot. Daddy takes care of his previous girl .... in a special way only Daddy can do. With a little surprise at the end. A tale of forbidden sex that will keep you up begging for more.
  • Pillory: Daddy Loves Taking Advantage on Sep. 21, 2016

    Deedee has such a talent for describing what happens to naughty girls. She made a mistake and got stuck in a pillory. What's a dad to do but get her out while taking advantage of the situation. Hot anal and forbidden sex will keep you up for hours.
  • Demon Daddy Creampies His Virgin Daughter: Daddy Loves Halloween Sluts on Oct. 20, 2016

    Mmmmmm ..... Deedee's done it again. A different twist on the old father - daughter incest story. When the demon arrives, he takes over (in more ways than one). Exploring and using all of daughter's holes is so arousing. I can hardly wait to see what happens in the next of the series.
  • Daddy Turned into a Dog and Mounted His Daughter!: Daddy Loves Halloween Sluts on Oct. 24, 2016

    Daddy becomes a dog. A bad dog that's very good at following commands ..... and taking advantage. Deedee wrote a story with a great twist for this time of the year. Love Deedee's writing. Loved this book.
  • Road Head: Daddy Loves Taking Advantage on Oct. 25, 2016

    What's a Daddy to do when his sweet daughter just won't listen? Teach her a lesson, of course. But the opportunity comes unexpectedly. Mmmmm ... such a sweet opportunity ... in so many ways. Daddy teaches his little girl about road head, being obedient and so many other taboo topics. It's a keeper, for sure!
  • Sexercise: Daddy Loves Taking Advantage on Oct. 26, 2016

    Deedee spins a rousing, forbidden tale about a naughty daddy and his sweet, wet daughter. He takes advantage of her sleep walking to the fullest. Training her to be his fuck toy. But ..... darling daughter has a few surprises up her sleeve and other delicious places.
  • Ghost Daddy Needs His Dick Sucked to Live!: Daddy Loves Halloween Sluts on Oct. 29, 2016

    What a delightful tale! Daddy is separat d from his body with only one way to become whole again, he tells his daughter. Mmmmmm ... it's a VERY naughty and taboo way. But his sweet, delicious daughter is willing to show how much she loves her Daddy. A must read for Halloween, or anytime!
  • Daddy Swapped Bodies with Boyfriend and They Double-Teamed Daughter: Daddy Loves Halloween Sluts on Oct. 31, 2016

    What an amazing switch up of the classic three-way. Only this time involving a body switch between daddy and boy friend. .... and there's only one naughty, forbidden way to switch back. It's Halloween season and both Daddy and the boy friend all of darling daughter's holes. Great tale!
  • A Potion Turned Daddy into a Daughter-Hungry Sex Machine: Daddy Loves Halloween Sluts on Nov. 01, 2016

    It's truly amazing what you can get on the internet these days. At least, that's what Daddy's found out! He's bought an "energy" drink that promises a bigger and harder cock. Boy! Does it deliver! He's eager to try out on his two delicious daughters. In the process he discovers a wonderful side effect that makes it all a fantastic, forbidden experience!
  • Daddy Possessed His Daughter and Made Her Come: Daddy Loves Halloween Sluts on Nov. 02, 2016

    Daddy has the ability to possess and physically control others. He soon learns how erotic and delightful it is to physically control his delicious daughter. He starts small but builds up to filling all her holes. He's in paradise with a few unexpected surprises from his darling daughter!