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R. Melvin "Coach Melvin" McKenzie, has helped stressed-out students and corporate workers for years at his martial arts school, Heaven’s Palm Boxing Association. He enjoys an active, positive life by applying Dynamic Apllication of Internal Awareness(DAIA) daily. He has conducted copious research in order to come up with powerful and effective stress-destroying strategies. DAIA is explained in 10 steps mentioned in the publication, The Book on Amazing, Internal STRESS Release. Moreover, With this alone, people are assured that the book can provide them the most efficient and effective ways to terminate the negative energy of stress.

Smashwords Interview

When did you first become interested in martial arts?
I became very interested in martial arts after seeing Bruce Lee (playing “Kato” on the TV show, The Green Hornet) perform his martial arts. We did not know it was kungfu he was doing and, to us kids, it was a SUPER SMOOTHE and fast type of Karate. I first realized I had the talent for it when I was 17 and wanted a different way to defend myself in gang fights, other than the typical boxing type of fighting. Karate interested me at first because with judo, you had to actually try to grab someone, whereas with Karate, you could kick from a distance.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
My five favorite books are in this order: 1 - The Holy Bible; 2 - A Dictionary/Thesaurus; 3 - Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki);
4 - Cashflow Quadrant (Robert Kiyosaki); 5 - Own Your Own Corporation (Garret Sutton).

I love the Holy Bible (New Living Translation) because, not only is it written in the English language I've spoken all of my life, it is my manual for living. Since 1st grade I've always been fascinated with words and I pored through dictionaries and the thesaurus. Mr. Kiyosaki's first book, gave me the mental impetus to walk away from the corporate work force. Cashflow Quadrant deepened my desires to be sellf-sufficient, and Own Your Own Corporation freed me from the employee-mentality and helped me to form my own company.
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Heaven's Palm Combat Tai Chi Chuan
Coach Melvin performs a Tai Chi Chuan routine which calms the mind, relaxes the body, helps you have excellent balance, and releases any negative energy completely away from the body.


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