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  • Elements of the Undead Omnibus on Jan. 04, 2013

    When I got my copy of "Elements of the Undead - Omnibus Edition", there was a little trepidation in my mind because I thought, "here we go again - another zombie novel". I am happy to report that it didn't take me very many pages to see that this book was something special. "EOTD-OE" is a wonderful story that deals as much with the human spirit as it does The Great Zombie Apocalypse. Author William Esmont has crafted an outstanding plot that's centered on the survivors of a zombie outbreak that's taken over the country. Making things even tougher for those few still living is that fact that the military has nuked almost every major U.S. city as the government's response to the outbreak. As the remaining humans fight for a place to call home, they find that radiation is almost as much of a problem as the zombies that roam the countryside. As Esmont builds his story (the book spans a three year period of time), he creates a large number of characters that readers will care about. He shows time and again that he's not afraid to tug at the emotional heartstrings of those readers as he puts his characters in difficult situations that threaten their existence. Throughout these scenes, Esmont creates characters who are well-developed, sympathetic, and believable. As I look back at this book, I appreciate the manner in which Esmont stressed story over special effects and content over gratuitous gore and violence. Yes, there are plenty of moments of horror as the survivors attempt to fight off the zombies, but Esmont doesn't simply throw those situations into the reader's face. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and found it very hard to put down. It's a story of survival that most readers will find easy to relate to. If you're a fan of this type of horror, I think you'll find "Elements of the Undead - Omnibus Edition" a fascinating and memorable experience.