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  • All's Fair in Vanity's War, Deadly Fairy Tales, Book 2 on Feb. 07, 2012

    All's Fair in Vanities War was a very interesting read. I didn't really know what I was getting myself into when I agreed to read this book, but overall, I was happy with the experience. This book is truly a paranormal read. I love anything and everything supernatural, so parts of this novel made me very happy… other parts, not so much. The paranormal element was very strong, and at times, I felt it overbearing and unnecessary—almost as if the author overloaded us with too much information that was no more important to the reader than it was to any of the characters. While the story was engaging, the lack of character development really threw me off from the story line, and that sadden me. I just felt that personalities fell flat with the characters. There were talks of many people who you never really meet or learn about, and by the end of the chapter, you're left feeling lost. This book also moved very slowly to me. There were some parts that made me want to skip over the whole paragraph, and at times, I am sad to say that I did. I do not do that very often. It could just be me, but I found most of this book very confusing and hard to keep up with all of the who-was-who and what each person really was. I've seen a reviewer who has said, "I found the world-building portion quite difficult to understand as much of it was simply stated and not explained." and I completely agree. I like to be shown; not told. I just wish we could have gotten to know these characters a lot more than the author let us: What did Keleigh like to do in her free time? How did Locke feel about losing his girlfriend? I never really learned these things, and if they were mentioned, it was much too late in the book for me to care about. Overall, the author is a wonderful storyteller and is great at writing exciting details—at times I felt like I was in the story along side these characters and I love when that happens. Maybe I'm just not a fan of so strong a paranormal story, but this book is by no means bad—I would definitely give it a read if you want a paranormal packed punch to get you in the mood while we wait the long wait for October.