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Gillibran Brown
Latest book: Revelations.
Published October 24, 2021. (4.89 from 19 reviews)
PL Nunn
Latest book: Chaos Calling.
Published June 16, 2018.

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  • Revelations on Nov. 20, 2021

    This book is such a precious gift to us, especially in hard time like this so thank you author. Gillibran is an extraordinary writer, you can relate to his feelings, doubts and struggles. In many parts of the book I've cried,many other had melt my heart. The Gilli's emotions were described as pure and raw, and I've have loved every minutes. I've loved all the revelations of the book, and the facts that we have discovered more of the past of both Dick and Shane. Special mention to Lee and his family. What a great character, I appreciate see Gilli interact with his childhood friends. I've cried a lot also reading about the Dick's past. He is such a precious person, the way he comfort and loves Gilli is everything. And I'm completely obsessed with the chapter where Shane go to rescue Gilli in the hotel. No doubts that he love Gilli and it's beautiful see in how many different way Dick and Shane show their affection.This book is brilliant. Highly recommended.