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  • Captured by Moonlight on Feb. 22, 2011

    The writing style was good but the plot was not well thought out. I found the timeline too short und highly unbelievable. He kidnaps her after just meeting her, she only sees him a few times during her short captivity and yet they are so much in love that she protects him from the police? They didn't have enough contact to fall in love or for Jenny to suffer from Stockholm Syndrom!
  • Comfort Food on July 06, 2011

    I actually read this book right after purchase but I always struggle with reviewing 5 star books - there isn't much to complain about! I read a lot and there are only very few books that stand out, where I will remember title, author and plot for years. The biggest compliment I can make is that this is one of those books. I really would like to revisit Master and Emily and see if their relationship has developed and they have a "happy" ever after - but maybe that would lessen the impact of this story?
  • Weekend Captive on July 22, 2011

    I had this story on my wish list for several months but only bought it now because of the discount coupon. This was really a hot story with a likeable kidnapper. I would normally rate it 4 stars. So why am I only giving it 2 stars? Minus 1 star because there are quite a few typos( obvious even for a Non-English native), an Amazon reviewer mentioned this already in a review from February, now it's July, so there has been plenty of time to upload a proofed version, which the author hasn't done. Minus 1 star because of the list price: 2.99 for less than 20k words is overpriced (I know there are a lot of other uploads here that are priced even higher - utopistic) I really want to read more from this author and her books would be instant auto-buys for me if they were more reasonably priced. (I bought 4 stories so far, all with coupons, except for "Training Amy" which is acceptable at 2,99 / 47k words)