Collie James


Born in 1973 Collie James grew up in a rural area of Knoxville Tennessee. He began his working career at age thirteen mowing lawns. Although he can't remember what it was now, there had been something he wanted. When he had asked his father to buy it, his dad replied, "I guess you'll have to get a job if you want it that bad." Collie's father was a WW II veteran born in 1913. He was a man of the old American ways. He believed in working hard and that a boy of thirteen was a man old enough to work. He had done it himself. So, that was exactly what Collie did. Like any other teenager, he moved on to work in restaurants and other jobs, but he always worked. However, he always felt he was destined for more than the average everyday grind although he had no idea what that would be.

When Collie was eighteen, he found what he had been missing by accidentally stumbling into a career of acting and modeling. He was content for many years. It was great. All the places he got to travel. All the new and interesting people he met. However, the biggest satisfaction came from the feeling of making people happy by being in the entertainment industry.

Unfortunately, that career ended when he decided family was more important than fame or fortune when his father fell ill. He left New York and returned home where he resumed the nine to five grind and could be close to his parents.

Years later, he stumbled into a career of writing, just as he had stumbled into the unconventional career in the modeling industry. On the other hand, you could say a career in writing fell on him. One day at work, there was an accident. Three thousand pounds ended up landing on Collie's foot, leaving him with a choice. He could have his great toe removed or, he could lay flat on his back for six months, because if he didn't, gangrene may set in, and he may loose the toe, and possible more. Obviously, he chose the latter. Six months is a long time to be immobile, and the boredom unimaginable.

One day he had an idea about a haunted house and unable to do anything else, he began to write about it. Originally, he had not intended to publish the work, but as time passed and friends encouraged him, the idea became more enticing. That was when 'THE FORGOTTEN' was born. Another thing occurred to Collie as well. He may once more be able to bring a smile to someone's face and the thought of it thrilled him. He realized he loved writing and would enjoy the occupation of writing novels. What was the worst that could happen? He supposed people may think that he was not very good at writing, but hey, who doesn't worry about rejection at one time or another. One thing was certain however. If he didn't try he would never know, would he?

In the end, it is Collie's hope that many people find his writing enjoyable and he strives to improve with each new project.


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