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Smashwords book reviews by Mandie Mims

  • The Shattered Door on Jan. 15, 2013

    I was disappointed with The Shattered Door by Lisa Bouchard. The book started incredibly slowly and, honestly, did not become entertaining until about half way through. The characters were a bit flat, and some were downright unlikable. The plot had some interesting twists, but by the time they actually happened, I had pretty much given up enjoying this book. I sincerely hope the next book is more engaging than The Shattered Door, because I think the author has a good premise, it just wasn't actualized.
  • Five Rows Back: A Short Story on Jan. 15, 2013

    Five Rows Back is a short story that packs a serious emotional punch. Melissa is a teenage girl struggling to fit in, perhaps more so than most due to obsessive compulsive disorder. It's hard to make friends when you're counting everything all the time. Just when she thinks she's found someone she connects with, her trust and innocence are ripped away. All Melissa can focus on is revenge; she thinks that is the only way she can go back to being who she was before. The only reason I'm not giving this story 5 stars is because it ends very abruptly, and I wish it were just a bit longer! However, 5 Rows Back is excellent, and I look forward to reading more by Dan Kolbet.