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My writings are motivated by my lifetime (so far) of knowledge and experiences. As a student of history and money, I have a background in economics, monetary systems, rare coins, and precious metals. I've also encountered some unique experiences with the spirit world - quite unexplainable, actually, yet I'm sure they happened. And lastly, I'm motivated by my love of freedom - this is something that each of us is born with - it is one of the prime natural rights we hold, whenever we choose to assert it.

When I'm not writing, I work as a consultant and systems architect. I live in the mountains of Eastern Washington, with my dearest and closest friend, our two anxiety ridden dogs, and our insane cat.

I'm one who believes that you don't have to embrace an idea to entertain its possibilities. Thus, I'm willing to explore any topic of consequence, as well as many that may seem inconsequential.

I think you'll find my works on the Lucius Jackson Mysteries to be *unusual* - murder mystery with a supernatural flavor. And likewise, I believe you'll find my Bankster Chronicles writings provide a different perspective than the common historical interpretation.

What you see here, in my books, is my passion for mystery, the paranormal, liberty, and story telling. I sincerely hope and wish you find these useful, interesting, or entertaining. Thanks so much for visiting my profile.

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