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Ed Nielsen is an avid classical music collector, insisting on only the best compositions played by the very best musicians. Nearly everyone knows what their favorite compositions are, but finding the best recordings of that music is a little harder. Some compositions have hundreds of recordings by various artists, some of which are great and others not so great. That's where Classical Classics will be useful. Nielsen has done all the research to determine the best recordings of the best music. Even if your favorite orchestra has a recording of the composition you seek, it may not be the best available. Since the price for a given composition doesn't vary much from orchestra to orchestra, why not go for the best? Nielsen has done exhaustive research so that you won't have to. Classical Classics probably has a review of the recording you seek, along with many of which you may not be familiar.

The 126 CD reviews are each at least a page and a half long and contain interesting facts about the composition, composer, conductor and musicians. The 10 essays in Classical Classics on various aspects of the subject often contain irreverence without distorting facts. All of his writing is in a concise, non-technical style. Even if your CD collection is complete, Classical Classics is worth the price just for the facts and entertainment.

Ed Nielsen has played the accordian, trombone, and piano at various points in his life but nothing recently. He is a retired US Civil Servant and lives in western North Carolina.

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