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An F.C. Porto fan in the USA, a reader of fantasy, science fiction, and writings of the Saints, offended more by violence than sex and more by bad writing/editing than either in Smashwords books.

[Why some "authors" don't know how to use commas, or can't tell the difference between reign, rein, and rain, is simply beyond me. I mean, it is their chosen calling, right?]


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Smashwords book reviews by Portista Francis

  • The Only Letter to Get your Ex Back on July 22, 2017

    If a) you are not particularly ethical, and b) your ex isn't very bright, and c) you feel good about manipulating her to get what you want, then this simple-minded technique MAY work. Probably not, though. Which is for the best-- If you're the sort of guy who would choose to follow the minimal advice in this brief, rather unpleasant book, then your ex is better off without you anyway. Not recommended. One star is really too many for this overpriced book. [And yeah, I know it's free.]