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Renee Conoulty is an Australian Air Force wife and mother of two. She writes stories of dance, romance, and military life including Heart Swings, Catching Onix and Don't Mean a Thing.

If you run into Renee at the shops, make sure you wave to get her attention because she'll likely be listening to an audiobook or lost in a daydream.

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Smashwords Interview

What is your e-reading device of choice?
I love my Kobo Aura ereader and I also listen to lots of ebooks via a text to speech app on my phone.
What's the story behind your latest book?
When my husband joined the military and I found out we were moving to Darwin, I looked for contemporary novels to help me become familiar with our new lifestyle but I couldn't find any. I decided to write one myself.
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Chirpy Chapters
Beginner chapter books for kids.
Chaotic Chores
Price: $3.99 USD.
Best Friends for Now
Price: $3.99 USD.
Squirrel's Quest
Price: $3.99 USD.
Got That Swing
Australian stories of dance, romance and military life. Set around the swing dance scene in the tropical city of Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia and featuring heroines from the army, navy and air force who face the challenges of military life and fall in love.
Don't Mean a Thing
Price: $3.99 USD.
Cheek to Cheek
Price: $0.99 USD.
Tain't What You Do
Price: $3.99 USD.
Jeepers Creepers
Price: $0.99 USD.
Fun-size Fiction
Collections of bite-sized flash fiction in a variety of genre, leaning towards women's fiction.


Dancing on the Grass
Pre-release—available September 21, 2020. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 13,930. Language: English. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary, Fiction » Humor & comedy » Satire
Libby Summers has been married but she's never been in love. Not unless you count the all-encompassing passion she has for her four-year-old daughter, Chloe. Carpenter by day and musician by night, Paul White only has time for lovin', not for love. The only strings he likes are the ones on his double bass.
Squirrel's Quest
Series: Chirpy Chapters, Book 3. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 3,470. Language: English. Published: May 5, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals, Fiction » Children’s books » Action & Adventure / Survival Stories
Everyone knows squirrels love to eat acorns, especially the creatures who like to eat squirrels... Grey Squirrel wakes up to an empty house with an empty tummy. There's only one thing to do. Go and find himself something to eat. An acorn or three would be perfect. All he needs to do is travel through the forest, over the river and across the clearing to the Old Oak Tree.
Jeepers Creepers
Series: Got That Swing, 2.5. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 7,630. Language: English. Published: December 11, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Holiday » Halloween, Fiction » Holiday » Humorous
Karen steps out of her comfort zone and takes her first swing dance lesson. While she steps on toes and twirls into pool tables, two handsome men dance into Karen’s life. Chatting with Lowan makes her smile but dancing with Ben sends her heart skittering. Who will she choose?
Tain't What You Do
Series: Got That Swing, 2. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 49,180. Language: English. Published: December 1, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary, Fiction » Romance » General
There are two rules at sea. No gambling. And no shagging shipmates. At least she's managed to follow one of them. Annie’s latest career move placed her onboard a Royal Australian Navy patrol boat. She has her sights set on her next goal—a promotion. All she needs to do is keep her head down, not burn the food and hope her reputation hasn’t preceded her.
Cheek to Cheek
Series: Got That Swing, 1.5. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 5,370. Language: English. Published: November 18, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary, Fiction » Romance » Short stories
(3.00 from 1 review)
What do you do when the man you love proposes to someone else? Nadiene just lost her swing dance partner—and long-term crush—to another woman. Defeated, she sets out on a search for a replacement dance partner, not expecting anything that comes next.
Don't Mean a Thing
Series: Got That Swing, 1. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 62,740. Language: English. Published: November 6, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary, Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
Uniform ironed? Check. Military ID? Check. Annoying co-worker? Dang it. Macie has ditched her retail job and moved across the country for a career in the Royal Australian Air Force. Working, eating and sleeping alongside the most irritating person from her training course prompts Macie to seek out ways to widen her circle of friends. Hopefully, to include people who don't speak in acronyms.
Baby it's Cold Outside
Series: Got That Swing, 0.5. Price: Free! Words: 6,280. Language: English. Published: October 21, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Holiday » Christmas, Fiction » Women's fiction » Chick lit
Stable job, reliable boyfriend, predictable routine. All she's ever wanted. Right? Last year's work Christmas Party left Macie with a blush-worthy secret Santa present, but this year's party gave her a decision that could change everything. If Macie switches off the autopilot that's been running her life, can she find the courage to take control?
Best Friends for Now
Series: Chirpy Chapters, Book 2. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 2,700. Language: English. Published: October 2, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Readers / Chapter Books, Fiction » Children’s books » Social Issues / Friendship
Why bother making friends when you know you'll have to say goodbye? Molly discovers that friends come in all shapes and sizes, and the best ones will be there for you when you need them. Even if it's just for now.
Heart Swings
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 13,440. Language: English. Published: August 21, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary, Fiction » Women's fiction » Chick lit
Brooke's drifting along in her small-town life but now it's time to make a choice. Ryan has swept in to save his family business in small-town Heart Springs but is counting down the days until he can get back to his real life in the city. When Brooke and Ryan repeatedly cross paths at a wedding in Thailand, a mutual attraction develops. Will this simply be a holiday fling or could it lead to more?
Chaotic Chores
Series: Chirpy Chapters, Book 1. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 3,640. Language: English. Published: June 19, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Readers / Chapter Books, Fiction » Children’s books » Short Stories
A sick day off school when you're not even sick? Yes, please! Susan and Tim have scored a day off school. All they need to do is help their sick mum wash the towels and keep quiet so she can sleep. Sounds easy, right? It'll be a breeze, so long as the washing machine co-operates...
Swinging Through Life: A Flash Fiction Collection
Series: Fun-size Fiction, Book 2. Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 7,280. Language: English. Published: January 9, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Flash fiction, Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories - single author
The dance of life – one step forward, one step back. Whether they lead or follow, the characters from these twelve tiny tales will dance through your heart. Will innocent Dulcie be caught in a seedy speakeasy? Can ambitious Kate get the attention she desires? Does swing dancing always lead to romancing?
Character Voices: A Workbook for Audiobook Narration
Series: Narrated by the Author, Book 2. Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 1,460. Language: English. Published: December 31, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Publishing » Self-publishing, Nonfiction » Reference » Publishing & books
Want to narrate an audiobook but not sure how to keep track of all the characters?  Writing characters with individual voices is one thing but bringing them to life with your vocal skills is another. This workbook will help you prepare your manuscript for narration by assigning and documenting vocal characteristics.
Narrated by the Author: How to Produce an Audiobook on a Budget
Series: Narrated by the Author, Book 1. Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 10,180. Language: English. Published: April 16, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Reference » Writing skills, Nonfiction » Computers & Internet » Digital media / audio
Do you want to be part of the growing audiobook industry? Are you an indie author looking to expand your readership? Learn how to narrate and produce your own professional quality audiobook within a budget.
Wife, Mother, Woman:
Series: Fun-size Fiction, Book 1. Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 5,320. Language: English. Published: December 28, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories - single author, Fiction » Women's fiction » General
The daily battles of military life. Peek inside the lives of ten military-affiliated women. Whether they serve the military or support those who do, they all face relatable problems. Making new friends, finding new jobs, solo parenting. Being wives, being mothers, being women.
Catching Onix
Price: Free! Words: 4,470. Language: English. Published: March 9, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Short stories, Fiction » Romance » Clean & wholesome
(5.00 from 1 review)
All Grace wants is to keep her son safe and happy but will she be able to protect him when his passion for catching Pokémon leads him to strike up a conversation with a stranger?

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Smashwords book reviews by Renee Conoulty

  • Fine-Tuning Hanna on Feb. 11, 2015

    A lovely little romance set between Ireland and Finland. I enjoyed learning a little about the Finnish and Irish lifestyle and I enjoyed the piano tuning references. The author wrote about what she knew, which came through well. I felt a little bombarded by all the personal development references, but they were relevant to the story. The story focussed on the two main characters, but there was also some character development of the minor characters. It wrapped everything up nicely and there were happily ever afters for everyone.
  • Boy Brainy on Nov. 10, 2015

    Win or Dai trying An entertaining middle grade fiction book that kept me engaged. The informal first person narrative suited the book. I found the main character quirky and likeable. I was curious to see how everything worked out for him. The majority of the story was a paranormal mystery, with the bullying issue forming a strong subplot. It would be a good book to read aloud to a younger child to prompt a discussion about bullying.