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  • Punished by My Brother: A Taboo Mpreg Series on June 01, 2020

    This erotica has many taboo and erotic themes to enjoy if you are up for that, incest between brothers, humiliation, domination and all that in an Omegaverse where an Omega guy like James gets pregnant by his own brother. The writing style is fantastic and has lots of suspense to it. The dark atmosphere of the story with the brother being the chief in Police and using guys in the dark basement of the police department. All that added a lot to this hot story. The sexual tension between the siblings is unavoidable. Even as a reader you want them just to do it and fuck mindlessly. It is so wrong and so good! Looking forward to read the next book.
  • Two Easy A's on June 02, 2020

    This short story is about Professor Smithson who finds himself in a situation that he is not able to resist. The college professor is very attracted to his student Dan, a sexy smooth, and slutty guy but not doing good in his subject. While the professor is having a one to one discussion with Dan about his grade, Craig enters the classroom and locks the door behind. The two horny boys will use all their tricks to get into some intense sexual acts with the poor but horny professor! The author Nathan Prince did a great job in describing the two boys, their attitude, their bodies, and the way they dress. The reader can't help it but look at these two characters who were horny and very slutty with hunger and desire. There is a lot here to love. If you enjoy student/teacher, threesome, oral, and anal sex scenes between homosexuals you won't be disappointed in this short story. Great choice of cover art too!
  • Go Deep on June 03, 2020

    This short story is about yoga instructor Brad and a guy (Simon) who wants the become the champion. Simon wants Brad to train him on his moves. The night before the competition the two men engage in some hot sex for the first time. Very hot! before the sexual act there is a lot of teasing that is going on between the two as Simon practicing and Brad helping him. A lot of touching and rubbing happens. The nipple teasing that happened was very erotic. In total there are two sex scenes, one takes place in the studio and that includes anal action with condoms and another one that happens inside the shower but there is no anal play there but that scene has cum swallowing. The age gap between the two characters added more heat to the story so if you are into that you will love it. The model on the cover art with his curvy smooth body fits Simon's character very well. The rimming scene description is well written expressing Simon's feelings while receiving Brad's tongue. The intercourse was with rubber so Simon begging for Brad's cum did not make much sense to me. The title of the book is well chosen too, as Simon wanted his instructor deep inside him. Overall this was a well written and hot story.
  • Sex on the Beach on June 06, 2020

    I picked up several books for John Valjean and among them was this one, Sex on The Beach. I wanted to get into this story without knowing anything so I did not read the synopsis. The story is about a newly married straight couple, Sebastian and River who are going to spend their honeymoon in a Mexican beach resort city (Puerto Vallarta). But things do not look good after waiting for long hours at the airport and with their luggage missing. The couple has an argument as each one of them wants to do something different. The next day they argue more and River decides to take a break and go on a walking tour of the city alone leaving her husband to have some time for himself. With the Pride Festival going on in the city Sebastian puts on his pair of shorts barely hiding his 10 inches sex pistol and decides to go and show off himself among the other men as a way to boost his ego. And this is where the adventures start for this newlywed straight man. John Valjean's writing style is incredible, to say the least. He knows his audience very well. He knows what they want and expect from a story like this, he gets all the situations right. With all these awesomely written sex scenes, never once I felt I wanted something different than his choices of situations or words which made the storyline move smoothly with all its hotness. He gets it and I would also say that he is faithful in his writing to the main theme he created for the story. He sticks to that theme throughout the whole book and I appreciate that a lot. As a reader, I need to be aware all the time while reading that Sebastian is a cheating straight married guy and that is what the author successfully did by addressing Sebastian in his narration repeatedly as "The Newlywed" "The Married Guy". Not just the narration but also all the male characters addressed him that way. I loved that. I think that kept the heat going on every single page. After reading this book I want to read all his other books and I know I will.
  • Forced Assault: Revenge of the Jocks on July 05, 2020

    A sweet short story by John Valjean. OK, not sure sweet is the right word for it but still I love to use it because of the taste it left in my mouth by the time I finished reading it. If sweet is not suitable I'd definitely say a steamy erotic one. John is known for choosing hot daring subjects in his stories. This one is no different. The main theme is revenge rape with a side incest taboo theme happening as well. So if you have not read the author's work before and have no problem with such themes, then this book is for you for sure. And if you already know John and have read his work before then you do not need my recommendation. The story is about this manipulative thirty-two years old high school teacher, Bryan Carter who uses the students and specifically the hot jocks to satisfy his own sexual desires. He blackmails them to either agree and surrender to his desires or risk their GPAs and not be able to participate in the next sports match or event. One day everything changes for Mr. Bryan when a few of those Jocks he abused decide to take the revenge and give the teacher a taste from his own medicine! I loved all the characters in this story, Cesar and his hot witty dialogue top my list followed by the Hayes brothers for their openness and lustful behavior. I think for someone like Bryan Carter the only revenge side for all of this was being abused before his wife, otherwise, the man has enjoyed every cock that penetrated him. His wife being there made him hold back and not immerse fully in the action even though he has given in several times and she had noticed that. Forced Assault: Revenge of the Jocks is just delicious from start to end, it has everything that I expected or wanted from it. And can we also appreciate that beautiful dark blue/purple cover? Isn't that something? John Valjean's writing always makes me want more and more, not because his writing is not satisfying enough, nope, but because it is so hot and so good that I never want it to end! Yep. it is that good and THAT HOT! 🔥🔥🔥. In fact, as I was reading this I was thinking that if John's writing was a man, I'd take him to bed and make love to him with no questions! Crazy ha? I'm a big fan, and I have all his books now. My goal is to read every single one of them and review them all. There is another Forced Assault book that he released and I have already read it (I will review that soon). That one also maintains the same hot themes from this one. And before you ask, yes, I LOVED that one too! I really hope to see more stories from John in this series. I think a brilliant author like him can offer more stories as hot as these two.
  • Steam Heat on July 09, 2020

    Steam Heat is the story of two fellow band members, Andrew and Ben who decide to go to a spa to cool things down and lower their stress level. Inside the spa, they open up to each other and confess the true feelings they have for each other that they've been hiding for a long time. This is a very short story that has a third person's narration and only two main characters. This is the first time I read something for Sarah Beth James. I kinda liked the idea of the story, but I feel there are several problems with it. First, the story's name is Steam Heat but the two characters did not even use the steam room in the spa! They got massaged and used the pool only. Even the cover is not relevant to the story. I feel the massage scene was a lost opportunity. Nothing about the masseurs is there in the story. There was no dialogue between the two main characters while being massaged and things like that. The only thing we know is that they were being massaged. The sex scene was just too short and rushed, in one paragraph they started doing it and in the next paragraph they had an orgasm! Another thing that I didn't like was that the two knowing each other for fourteen years and working together in a band on a daily basis and both in love with each other yet they had no communication about their feelings. This was not convincing to me. I feel it would have been more convincing if it was love or even pure desire from one side only. This would have worked well or at least if the two guys were just knowing each other a few weeks ago. But obviously the author wanted to create a love story that ends with I love you! It is nice to end a story with loving words but the words will not have any impact if the circumstances are not believable. To me, Steam Heat lacked the necessary heat to elevate it from just an OK story.
  • Wolf and the Three Little Pigs on July 12, 2020

    This is the first book in the Storybook series and the first book I read by Romeo Preminger. Take a fable, modernize it, and make it gay as F. Don't stop there but add more spices, filth, and raunchiness! If that does not sound interesting enough to you I don't know what else could interest you! Romeo Preminger in a dazzling way has created this story with its characters. A charming Wolf and three pigs that I find it hard to pick a favorite among them. I loved them all! The story is about Wolf, this horny sexed-up forty-two years old UPS driver who will find himself having three encounters with three horny men in one day! Yes, the story takes place in one day. He has to deliver three packages and these deliveries will turn into some raunchy encounters. In the synopsis it says "deliciously raunchy", let me tell you that this is an understatement. They are very very delicious and raunchy. The main credit for that goes to the author for creating these sexy characters and erotic situations in a breathtaking way. Wolf and The Three Little Pigs is an impressive story of horny men who grab the opportunity to have some fiery fun together. It has loads of hot action that should appeal to a wide range of readers. Romeo Preminger has made sure to retain a kind of variety when it comes to sexual interests. He also made the characters in the story very distinguishable and different from each other in terms of physical looks and behavior, be it the horny delivery man Wolf, or the nineteen-year-old twink Brandon, the porn star Devin or the macho tough nurse Rocky. Each one of them had his own distinct identity and desires. Not just the characters but even the smutty scenes were different, with each having a different tone and poles apart from each other. This made reading all the encounters such a pleasure. I immensely enjoyed reading this incredible tale. I already have the second book in the series and will read it soon. Now, whenever I hear someone talking about The Little Three Pigs fable I will always remember this sleazy, raunchy, and fresh version of it with a smile on my face! It is superb, so don't hesitate to pick it up.
  • Sissy Vacation Exposure on July 20, 2020

    Sissy Vacation Exposure is the story of Robert, a married man with kids who is a sissy in the closet. Robert considers himself alive only on Thursday afternoons, that is when he has all the free time for himself to transform and be his true self. Everything changes when Robert and his family go for their Caribbean vacation where they meet a man who makes a proposal for them which changes all the relationship dynamics between the husband and his wife. The offer is very appealing and hard to refuse but when the couple has an agreement with the man they find themselves unable to stop and quit his next and next proposals. The book is divided into six chapters and the story is told from a third person's perspective but the reader still gets to know all the inner feelings and desires of the main character through the narrative. This is a story that starts with the character being Robert and by the end of it is turned to Bobbi. A married sissy living in the closet but with one trip his life is changed and makes him come out and be accepted (and encouraged too) by his wife to be the true sissy he is. Bobbi Mare & Bob Neils did a great job with all the characters, showing their fear, insecurity, and vulnerabilities along with their excitement and sexual desires. What I love here that they have chosen to go with the feminization process gradually rather than just going for the whole thing at once. Douglas was an interesting character as well. He knew Robert was a sissy from inside. He sensed it. For Douglas this was a way to fulfill his own fantasy of sissifying another man that he sensed and knew was a sissy from inside, he wanted that man to come out and he worked his way towards it. In addition to that, he wanted to remove himself from this fantasy by fulfilling it. Once you fulfill a fantasy it will not be a fantasy anymore and this is what Douglas was trying to do. The story itself is fascinating and somehow reminds me of the movie Indecent Proposal which has a similar theme of a man approaching a couple with a proposal. They are similar there but the whole theme is totally different. Sissy Vacation Exposure should appeal to the wide audience of the erotica genre and especially to those who love to read about the feminization of men and get turned on by it. Besides having a great concept, excellent story, and interesting characters it also has very hot smutty scenes that will stay in your head for a long time. Many thanks to the authors Bobbi Mare & Bob Neils for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for this honest and unbiased review.
  • Forced Assault: Daddy’s Construction Workers on July 25, 2020

    Forced Assault: Daddy's Construction Workers is the second book in this series. The first one I already read, loved, and reviewed which is Forced Assault: Revenge of the Jocks. Both stories have similar themes in terms of having forced and taboo sex, but they are totally different in many things. Even the taboo in this book is between the son and his father while in the first book it was between two brothers. The story simply is about Noah and Ethan who go to work for Noah's dad at one of his construction sites having no idea what the job is. When they reach the site, the foreman and four hot muscular construction men use the boy for their own pleasure! The story has a third-person narration. This is yet another winner from John Valjean that will give you full satisfaction. The story. the setting, the characters, the action, and the dialogue all get the full marks. You have some freaking horny muscular construction men ready to take what they want! Who the hell will not love that theme? I doubt there is a gay man out there who does not get turned on by men in uniform. But still theme alone is not enough and here is where a brilliant author like John comes in to take a hot theme and add all the other sexy tantalizing elements to it and turn it to this complete, sleazy, and delicious story that is a great ride from start to end. Sometimes when a story has many characters the reader might be a little confused or lost to follow up, but that is not the case here because all the characters were very distinct and each one of them had his unique personality. After reading a few books for John (I still have many more to read) I can confirm that he gives a lot of importance in creating his characters and making them very different than each other. He gives you all the variety you need as a reader. No two characters are the same. Before Sam appeared in the scene Chuck, Burke and Dixon were my favorite characters among the men. I usually tend to love those characters who are more aggressive and verbal in sex scenes. I feel they give the story that strong push it needs to make it more raunchy. Chuck was a favorite for his eleven inches tool 😁 and for acting as a mentor there telling the boys and the men what to do. Burke and Dixon for their aggressiveness and their filthy dirty talk. But when Sam appears he just tops the list because he is the father of Noah and doing what he did to his own flesh and blood has a different taste than everything else. It's a forbidden desire! I will also have to mention the fantastic cover which is very suitable for the story. I have imagined all the men in the story to be that hot like that model! Excellent choice. If you have been following my reviews, you might know by now that John Valjean is one of my favorite authors and his books are on my auto-buy list. Whatever he releases I will buy, no questions asked, and no need to read the synopsis. The guarantee of entertainment is always there. He never disappoints.
  • Big D's Repair Service on Aug. 21, 2020

    Sex-hungry DeMarco needs to call a repair service company to fix his air conditioner. The extra heat gets the man in heat! He finds himself in need of a fix too! So he decides to call someone to come to his place and feed him what he craves for! When the man arrives at his door, horny DeMarco immediately goes on his knees! Turns out he did that for the wrong man! Eventually, this mistake turns out to be the right thing he did! JM Shadows has written this story brilliantly creating different situations for the main character with three different generations of the same family. As a reader, you will not see things happening between the family members directly in the present time, but you will get to know about what happened in the past between them. Dino telling his story with his son in law that happened in the past to DeMarco is something to look forward to. I liked that a lot! Another thing to appreciate about this book is the interesting situations that kept spontaneously happening with the protagonist acting with the wrong man and then the wrong man later turns out to be the right man for him! Sounds confusing? When you read the book you will get what I mean. JM Shadows did a really good job with the characters. They were different and they did not act the same way even though they are all coming from the same family and carrying the same blood! On the other hand the main character was like a huge pile of testosterone who was so hungry and ready to get into action as soon as possible and with any one of the men 😁! Each character acted differently and had a different reaction to DeMarco's sexual advances. The story has many different themes. I feel readers of gay erotica will appreciate the variety included. It's hot and you will not be disappointed.
  • Sold! To the Shemales: Backdoor Bids for the Virgin Whiteboi on Aug. 29, 2020

    A nineteen-year-old virgin white boy called Bradley is broke and needs money to complete his final year in university. He submits himself in this auction where virgins auction their virginity to the highest bidder! Two sexy and beautiful black women (The Abigail Sisters) win the bidding. Yep, the two ladies turn out to be as the title of the book says! But will that make Bradley feel differently? The story consists of five chapters and it has third-person narration. It's been a while for me since I have read a story with a shemale character. This one has two stunning black shemales. I appreciate how the authors made the two different from each other not just in their physical appearance but also in their behavior. Both Ingrid and Vivian were charming and sexy! Especially Vivian with her curves and big breasts! I feel those breasts were the secret to Bradley's weakness even when he knew their real sexual identity. Bradley was just the lucky virgin toy. Yes, he was naive but all sexed up for the two girls. I think the theme of the story is fantastic. The idea of the auction, the interracial aspect of it which gives a hot sensual contrast of black versus white. The element of surprise for the main character was that these two girls were shemales. of course, we readers know that already from the title. In the synopsis, it mentions about humiliation, but honestly, I did not feel Bradley was feeling that he was being humiliated. He seemed to be a good boi! He submitted to the girls' domination even if there was a slight hesitation from his side. He seemed to enjoy their company a lot and accept all that they were doing to him. The sex scenes have lots of variety and hotness. I love how Bradley reacted with "It's beautiful" when the girls revealed their big tools! And you know what that whiteboi should be called when he says "Put it back. Put it back in. I need it. I'm already empty without it." 😁 The story has lots of steamy dialogue, but that is nothing new if you already read any book by the authors. This is the second book I read for them and I loved it a lot. It is different than the previous book I have read by them in terms of theme but the elements of domination and submission are still there and they worked really well for me in both stories. If you like happy endings I think you will enjoy the ending of this story a lot. Many thanks to the authors Bobbi Mare & Bob Neils for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for this honest and unbiased review.
  • Keep It in the Family on Sep. 03, 2020

    Keep it in the Family is the first book in a long book series of the same name. The series consists of 31 books! They are all written by Fergie Boy, the pen name for Jack Brighton. The books written under this pen name are all gay incestuous erotica, taboo and forbidden. So if that is your thing then they will appeal to you. This book consists of five different incest stories with the perspectives changing from a story to another. Story I: Making Up for Missed Cuddles: This is the story of a nineteen-year-old boy's reunion with his dad after sixteen years. The two decided to meet at a pub. They didn't know how the other looks. But upon seeing his father Calum knew he wanted him, he wanted him sexually and not any other way! The father takes his son to his place. There they will have to get out of their wet clothes as it was raining. The gay father and his gay son alone. Imagine that! The boy makes the first move asking his father to compensate him for all the years he was away from him. "Give me a night, give me a weekend. Give me the love of a father". The sex scenes are detailed and very steamy with lots of themes like bareback, snowballing, and felching. This has a happy ending! Story II: Preparing The Way: Two brothers get arrested and accused of drug trafficking at the border of Greece. The three officers who arrest them make the older brother fuck his younger brother opening him for them! And then they will have their way with the two brothers! This story was so hot from start to end. An extremely erotic orgy. The characters were all sexed up and the older brother just got the opportunity he's been waiting for all his life! "I needed to fuck him for both our sakes, to ease his passage for the fucks to come and to satisfy my own incestuous need". Another happy ending story where two brothers become lovers! Story III: Spanked at Last: A father and his eighteen-year-old son go to the bar to celebrate his birthday. They both get drunk and horny! At home, they start joking and playing around. The son tells his dad that he deserves to be spanked and punished! "Come on dad, a couple of spanks. Prove to me you've got it in you". Spank after spank will lead the two to fuck for the first time! Story IV: Bad Boy Brother Part One: My Brother Alex: A young guy who will find his freedom for the first time moving to Edinburg University. Having access to the internet he decides to browse some porn websites where he discovers his big brother's explicit gay porn pictures and videos. He is so amazed and turned on looking at his brother naked and in such positions. The two meet and fuck! "I wanted my cock to ride him hard! I wanted to fuck this image of a man, who just happened to be my brother!" Story V: Bad Boy Brother Part Two: My Brother Robbie: This is the same story as the first part but is told from the elder brother's perspective. It made an interesting reading to see how Alex felt about Robbie after reading Robbie's perspective in the previous story. I loved reading all the five stories. I think Fergie Boy's (Jack Brighton) writing is just too delicious. Both the narration and the dialogue in all the stories were extremely hot. The stories are about Brother/Brother or Father/Son plays. I think all the stories were interesting to read combining between right and wrong so if you are not in such themes I don't think any of the stories will be suitable to you. I'm not sure if book two will be one story or a collection of stories like this one. When the time comes to read that one I will know for sure.
  • Sexy Shorts: Gay Hookups and Anonymous Quickies: Volume One on Sep. 09, 2020

    A fantastic first volume of 10 erotic stories (+1 Bonus) full of horny men and twinks who get what they want in a way or another. The main theme for all of them is hookups and having anonymous quickies. The beauty of the stories is that they have such unique characters and they feel so real. Every character from these stories has his needs, fears, vulnerabilities and desires that he lusts after. Most of the stories have the age gap aspect thing present in them and action was happening between a twink and an older man. Most of them but not all. There is no twink in these stories who was similar to the others as there was no man who was similar to other men from the other stories, be it in physical appearance or sexual desires. I genuinely appreciate the variety that Cameron D. James has put in these horny tales. I feel there is a lot there that would click with many readers of the genre. The variety was not only in the characters and their characteristics only but also in the settings and the situations these characters found themselves in.
  • Bottom Daddies on Sep. 18, 2020

    This is a collection of three stories with the main theme as the title suggests that the straight daddies in these stories are being bottomed and dominated by their sons. Each story has its own taste and circumstances Behind the Barn: This story is set on a family farm. The mother and her girls are spending the whole day in the town so the dad and his son Ren together work on the farm and tend to the animals. Heath, the dad gets so horny and works his way into his son's jeans! In no time the dad and his twenty-two-year-old boy make love. He takes his boy's full length inside him. Expect some steamy dialogue between the father and son. In the beginning, Ren was telling his dad that he is not a queer but after he bred his dad he did not have any regret feelings and was quite pleased and thankful. Mitch Takes a Seat: When a man comes asking for the hand of your daughter in marriage how do you know he is worthy of your little girl? Well, according to DILF Bryan Malone is by having a test ride! Riding his to be son in law's penis!. This story takes place in Bryan's office between the two men where all the hot action happens while the daughter is upstairs. It's a smoking hot story. I enjoyed all the sexual acts between the two men. This is a happy ever after ending because the two men will always do it together! Life in the Can: Right on his first-day duty, the new twenty-six-year-old Deputy Dylan finds his dad the Sheriff having his cock sucked by a thug in the holding cell! Seeing his father in a situation like that awakened Dylan's incest fantasies. This is a story with big cocks, eleven inches for Dylan, and twelve inches for his dad! The thug uses the sheriff's hole then Dylan starts using his old man's hole like he always wanted. Like the other stories, the dialogue between the three characters is very intense. John Valjean's signature is all over the stories. If you have read any of his books you know how smutty and delicious they can get. What I really love about John's writing is that there is always a balance between the narration and the dialogue in the story, Bottom Daddies is no different here. Whenever a character opens his mouth to say something expect sentences that are full of heat and lust. I enjoyed the three stories equally. The incest taboo is well applied to the three stories in different ways making each one of them unique and fun to read. You should definitely read this book if you love daddies bottom and horny!
  • Urge: My Hot New Stepbrothers on Oct. 10, 2020

    Marc Prescott is a teenager in his first year at college and has to deal with the consequences of his parents' divorce. It is not easy on him and his father especially when he knows that his mom Julie has decided to remarry. The new man is called Chad and Julie along with Marc will have to move in with him. Chad has two sons, Slater and Brodie who will be Marc's stepbrothers. Julie might have got herself a new man, but her son Marc got for himself two! And both are his new stepbrothers! The book consists of four chapters and is narrated in third person's style. Urge is all about conquering your taboo desires or maybe letting them conquer you and crossing the red lines! It is about the characters following their urges no matter how wrong they made them feel. What you see on the cover is what you will get in the book. Hot brothers with big tools doing their things with their new little brother. At first, you will think the story is about Marc. The narration does follow Marc and his new journey in that new home with his new stepbrothers but as the events develop you soon will realize that Marc acts as the catalyst that brings the two brothers together. He will make that possible, something that was not possible without him. Who is my favorite among the brothers is a question I cannot answer. I really enjoyed all the characters especially Slater and Brodie. John Valjean did not just give these characters wonderful looks but also interesting distinct personalities that made the story flow smoothly. The sexual tension in this book is very huge. It keeps building up to a great final climax! The ending is extremely satisfying and gives a hint to yet another naughty kind of action. Could there be a follow up to this story? Probably. I'd definitely love to read more about this horned up family! Urge is a must-read especially if you are a fan of the theme or the author's work. You should grab the book, it is fantastic. Many thanks to the author John Valjean for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for this honest and unbiased review.
  • Not Gay, Man! on Oct. 14, 2020

    Greg is a single gay man in his thirties who is not out. One day while walking his dog Jack at the local park he meets Chris, a young nineteen years old guy. This meeting is awkward as Chris is completely naked after his friends decided to do this prank by taking off all his clothes and leaving him naked in the middle of the playfield. Greg helps him by taking him to his own place to give him something to wear. This exhibitionist young guy turns out to be more than what Greg expected. Although he kept saying he was not gay "Not gay, man!" he enjoyed playing with Greg calling it just "Fun". Yeah 😁. A kind of friendship develops between the two guys. One night Chris brings two more friends over to Greg's place to play poker and that night a special bond starts between Greg and Chris's friend Brett. It gradually turns out into something very passionate and beautiful. The story consists of thirty-one chapters and is narrated from Greg's point of view. This is such a great debut for David Marchatt. There are many things here to love. The characters were incredible. I loved the three main characters a lot. Greg is that sweet considerate guy. Yes, he is the lonely type but I feel he is the kind of a guy who can make any man’s heart warm up by his generosity and politeness. He is someone you would like to have as a friend or a lover. Chris with his catchphrase "I'm not gay, man!" is a cocky exhibitionist kind of guy, he represents many guys who are confused about their sexuality or those who still are not open to themselves to accept who they are. Brett at first appears as a shy and not a confident boy but Greg's presence in his life changes that completely. Marchatt has brilliantly created three kinds of relationships between the three. While Chris and Brett's bond was more a bro and friendship type, Chris and Greg's was purely about lust and fun. Then later we see a relationship that is based on lust that turns into love between Greg and Brett. I find this kind of mix to be fantastic. This is mainly an erotica story but with the brain, as there are some important issues that the story touches in a subtle way like coming out, violence against gay people, or homophobia. Nothing felt forced at all which is why I appreciated the incorporation of these subjects in such an efficient way. Since this is an erotic tale which makes evaluating the sex scenes is something very important. Let me tell you that the steamy scenes are plenty and in different flavors. They are fun, detailed, graphic, and will raise your body temperature in a good way! Oral, anal, and threesome. All are there for your enjoyment. I feel the age gap between the characters added more heat to the story and the action scenes. The book has a nice cover. Those two models represent both Chris and Brett very well. Not Gay, Man! has it all, friendship, kindness, lust, and love. I don't see anybody who will be disappointed reading it. David Marchatt definitely has a winner here and I will be looking forward to reading more of his future work. Many thanks to the publisher Deep Desires Press for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for this honest and unbiased review.
  • Project ALPHA 4-Pack Bundle on Oct. 23, 2020

    A scientist called Kent Jamison in his thirties works on a promising secret project at a science facility. The project has started five years ago and has the goal of extending lives, preventing diseases, and most importantly creating the perfect soldiers by improving their abilities. The program so far did not work well and Kent finds himself worried about his new test subject Tommy, a young man that Kent became very fond of. The result this time is successful! And Kent along with the others in the team will be able to see how Tommy transforms into that huge beast! I have reviewed each part individually but cannot post the individual reviews on Smashwords as I own this full bundle edition. This is the first time I read something written by Ethan White and let me tell you that I am extremely impressed by how he captured the mindset of an Alpha male and an omega male. The author built the story into four different parts with each part having a major theme and a set of other themes. Themes like transformation, himbofication, hypnosis, and the relationship between Alpha and Omega are all wonderfully captured and executed. I loved all four parts equally. The fantastic thing about this series is that all the characters go through a change and a transformation so the reader gets to see all the changes that happen to them be it physically or mentally. This is a must-read for fans of erotic science fiction books. I feel even those readers who are not into science fiction stories will appreciate this one. There is so much to love and enjoy.
  • Black Daddy’s Dirty Whiteboi on Jan. 11, 2021

    Daddy's Dirty Boy is the story of Bobbi, a high school guy soon to join college. Bobbi always felt that his mom was not fair to his dad even in sex. He knew things were not working well between the two of them and he always felt very sorry for his dad. Despite being a straight guy who dating girls, Bobbi was getting more and more attracted to his father. What started with playing with the used condoms his father left in the bathroom ended up sharing the same bed with him once the mother was out of their lives! The story is narrated from Bobbi's perspective and consists of a total of five chapters. This is a hardcore gay taboo erotica but it has something more special about it. The lust is definitely huge and present throughout the story but the motive inside Bobbi was not all lust. The boy was not gay and he never had any gay experience before. He was not looking at his attraction from gay men's perspective but as a son to father. Whatever he felt and desired to do was more because he wanted to give his father what the man couldn't get from his wife. He loved his father in a way he never loved any other man before and the father after separation from his wife exchanged the same feelings with his son. The ending is beautiful and hot at the same time. It puts both the characters in a happy beginning of a long-lasting relationship. This is the third book I read written by Bobbi Mare. All three have different main themes. I loved them all and it is hard for me to choose a favorite because, despite each one having its unique flavor, they were all extremely sexy and delicious. Daddy's Dirty Boy shares the same important elements as the other books when it comes to gradual buildup by starting with small heat until reaching a huge fire of lust and desires by the end. I loved it a lot and hopefully, you will too. My next read by the author shall be the Blacked Future trilogy as I own all three books in the series. Many thanks to the author Bobbi Mare for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for this honest and unbiased review.
  • Lust, Simon on May 18, 2021

    Lust, Simon is the story of an eighteen-year-old boy, Simon Spears. Simon hides from his family and friends that he is gay. With all the hormones and horniness that he needs to express physically, he pursuits his sexual journey to experience his sexual identity with different guys and men. This journey as lustful and erotic it is comes with lots of struggles for living the double life. Simon gets blackmailed by one of his classmates after reading his reply to an anonymous gay classmate online. This could’ve cost him his friendship with his best friends. But fortunately, Simon with the help of his family and friends can fix things and meet that anonymous classmate with who he falls in love. The story is inspired by the book Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli and its movie adaptation Love, Simon. There are two versions of the book, a taboo version with a red cover and a non-taboo version with a white cover. I have read the taboo version in which Simon has sexual encounters with his brother and father. This takes place in John Valjean’s universe so expect all the males to have large penises. The smallest is 8 inches! 😋. Yep, size does matter in erotica and thankfully the author does give us the size of every man Simon hooks up with. The book is divided into a total of thirteen chapters. Every chapter has at least one explicit encounter between the main character and one of the other characters. The first chapter sets the mood of the story by introducing Simon, his family members, and his close friends. Everything is narrated from Simon’s point of view which made things more interesting as the reader will look at the world and men through his eyes! At the beginning of the story, Simon is still a virgin and he loses his virginity with Cory the landscaper in a very hot sexual encounter. Right after that, it is as if a huge door has opened for the boy. He turns to a big slut who wants to have all kinds of sexual experiments with toys and men. The variety that Valjean offers the readers is tremendous. Various erotic situations that will make you gasp and get thirsty! This is not new when it comes to the author’s writing. Every single book of his I read in the past had such effect on me but in Lust, Simon the dosage is doubled due to the length of the story and the many themes he used here. Incredible job indeed. I liked many of the characters here. Reading the story from Simon’s eyes and following him with his struggles and crazy encounters makes him top the list. The family members especially his brother Lee added a lot of warmth to the story. The understanding of his mom is something one would highly appreciate. Both Gabby and Laura were friends that one would love to have. They supported Simon and were there for him. As for the sexual encounters they are many and all of them were too hot! I feel after every single one Simon was getting sluttier and more of a cum pig 😁. His encounters in the restroom were fantastic both the anonymous ones and with the bullies. Again the sex scene with coach Evans and Thad was scorching. However, the forbidden fruit is the incest sex with his brother and dad. Those two encounters were explosive, both sexually and emotionally. Once I asked on Twitter all the authors I follow about their “Magnum Opus” work, John Valjean answered Lust, Simon. After reading it, I couldn’t agree more with him. For me, it is also one of my new most favorite gay erotica. I can’t wait to read the sequel. A must-read.
  • The Christmas Bottom on June 12, 2021

    The story is about Bob Dickens, a 38 years old dominant top who always gets attracted to submissive twinks. It is Christmas Eve and Bob is desperate to have some company and hot times. His colleague and friend Jake who is in his mid-twenties has something in mind for Bob to cheer him up or perhaps have what he always craved! I heard that Keegan Kennedy writes a lot of kinky stuff so decided to try something. The Christmas Bottom is available free to read on Amazon so I wanted to have a taste. Maybe I expected more when I thought about a kinky read, maybe his other books are different. This story has the dominant top and the submissive bottom main characters but also has other themes including the friends to lovers and age gap factor. Bob’s ten inches tool has a big effect on his pride and the author mentions it several times during the sex scene. If like me you enjoy MM erotica regardless of the uniqueness of the story then you will like this novelette too. In case you are looking for an erotic story that offers something new to the genre then you might need to look somewhere else.
  • Tickling Black Daddy’s Love Bone on Aug. 07, 2021

    Taboo, beautiful, sexy, and tender. This is in short what Tickling Daddy’s Love Bone is. A short story of how a boy and his daddy get really close and intimate. The story consists of five parts and is divided into two time frames, the past, and the present. Rob’s father is sick and he is there to take care of him. For the sake of good old times, Rob tickles his father but his daddy gets turned on by that. Rob decides to take the next step and do what he’s been dreaming of for a long time. The blowjob scene is very well written. Erotic and tender at the same time. Rob never sucked a cock before and his first is his own dad’s! And what made the scene even more beautiful was the way the dad treated his boy like a pretty girl. I really liked how the author handled the first time of these two characters. The father’s character is well written too. It was nice to see him accepting his son the way he was. “You’re gay, Bobbi, and you’re really good at it”. In the introduction, the author states that parts of the story are true events that happened to him personally. He specifies the parts that are true story and let the readers decide whether they are comfortable enough to believe them or just think of them as fiction. The story is simple, fun to read, and has a warmth to it besides heat. I appreciate the characters Bobbi Mare has created and the dynamics between them. The sex scenes were too steamy as I expected having read several of the author’s other books even if they were with different themes. This was a very nice read. Many thanks to the author Bobbi Mare for providing me a free copy of this book. I am leaving this review voluntarily after being sent the book.
  • Domingo's Putita on Aug. 15, 2021

    This is the story of twenty-year-old Domingo and his relationship with his half-brother Ariel. The two keep fighting and teasing each other endlessly. Juana, their divorced mother is always caught up in their fights and tries her best to calm things down between them and show them discipline. An image that never goes away from Domingo’s memory involves his brother Ariel in a very obscene position and their mother’s third husband Pedro taking advantage of him. His brother being tied up and his stretched-out hole filled with jizz is something that Domingo keeps remembering all the time. This is the second book I read for JM Shadows. Although I loved his first book and gave it five stars, this one is a lot hotter and more intense. The constant teasing between the brothers was such a huge turn-on, be it the slurs they kept throwing at each other, their touches, or their dialogue. All fantastically crafted by the author. I immensely enjoyed reading about this Latino family and the many references throughout the book. That was really interesting. This is a story with a happily ever after ending. Of course, it is a taboo story but more of a taboo love story in which two brothers are made for each other. I truly loved it. Despite getting a review copy from the author I still wanted to purchase my own copy so I went on and got this one and another book by the same author. Many thanks to the author JM Shadows for providing me a free copy of this book. I am leaving this review voluntarily after being sent the book.
  • Confessions of a Bad Boy on Aug. 25, 2021

    Adam Paul is a sleazy young man with a mission. His mission and new conquest is Father Valentine. The handsome young priest at Our Lady Queen of Angels church. What would be a better way than the confession chamber to seduce Father Valentine? Starting with “Bless me father, for I have sinned” and then confessing to the clergyman all his raunchy sexual escapades and adventures! How would the priest be able to resist the charm of this bad boy? The book consists of five chapters. Each chapter is a story of one of Adam’s sexual adventures. These stories are all told by him to Father Valentine as a part of his confession! They all take place on different days though. The first one is about Adam’s threesome with his girlfriend’s brother and her best friend. Then there is another one with a model and his employer. I don’t want to reveal more because that is for you to discover when you read the book. All I want to say is that there is a big variety to the lovemaking scenes. They are steamy and raunchy. You will not be disappointed. One of the many things I like about the author’s books is that he always provides us the measurements of the manhoods of the male characters. Not all erotica authors care to provide such detail. Especially in a gay story this is important. Keep in mind that the chapters keep getting sleazier as you advance. The last is an explosive one! If you give me a book by John Valjean without revealing the cover and without any credit I still can tell that it is written by him. The man knows his craft and understands what his fans want. Probably for him writing a story is like lovemaking. This is not for me to say, but I feel all that from the effort and details he put in his tales. He has this trademark like a thing that features hotness with cuteness, raunch and sleaze with eroticism and sensuality. Reading his books is always a great ride. Confessions of a Bad Boy is no exception here. I loved the themes used and the way they were presented. Delicious to say the least!
  • Pregnant Plaything for the Gang Next Door! 3-Book Collection on Nov. 17, 2021

    This boxset edition contains all three stories in the series. It is only available on Smashwords. The books are available individually on Amazon though. The final rating is based on the average of the individual rating of each book. The books are not standalone and they should be read in chronological order. Book 1: Seven months pregnant Brandine has always been the faithful white woman to her husband. Her husband is away for the week due to his job. Across the street, new neighbors have moved in. They are seven young Hispanic men in their early twenties. Brandine thinks they might be members of a gang. They keep the music very loud so when she calls her husband to tell him, he advises her to take some cookies to them and nicely ask them to lower the volume. How will these men react to this pregnant woman’s request? This one starts with molestation and humiliation. These guys open the woman’s eyes and desire to something she never thought she had inside her. All the big dicks make the MC very weak and she surrenders to them and lets them gangbang her. There is lots of dirty talking, degradation, and action. You have all alpha men and a pregnant sub woman who cheats for the first time on her husband. This book was my favorite in the series. The heat level in it is very high. Book 2: The next day, Brandine decides she wants again to be used by those guys but they do not invite her in this time. To her surprise, a Latina girl called Carla comes to her place asking her to stay away from the boys. The two play together giving Brandine her first-time experience with another girl! This one has FF and FFM sex scenes. Doesn’t have the aggression and the strong language of the first book. It was still entertaining. Book 3: This is the one where the husband (Mark) is back from his trip but before entering the house and looking through the window he finds a group of young men barebacking and using his wife! He has two options, either stop all this or join in! Of course, you know what is going to happen because that is the whole purpose of the story! You get a happy ending and everybody needs to be content and satisfied, at least sexually. This one has more of the first book tone to it with the addition of the husband to the mix.
  • My Camping Trip With Dad on Jan. 03, 2022

    Henry Roberts is an eighteen years old boy who hates going with his father camping for fishing. But will that be the case forever? How his father will feel when he knows his son does not enjoy this activity with him? All that is for you to discover. What you need to know first is the little adventure Henry is going to have in his friend Jimmy’s bedroom! He realizes that he interrupted his friend while he was taking care of a very HARD and important business 😁. It shocks him to know what he was watching on his laptop. How would two young guys go to sleep after being exposed to each other like that? Yes, what you think about will happen and it is smoking hot and when I just thought the scene won’t get any hotter a guest interrupts them and it turns into a scorching sleazy threesome that will take your breath! After that threesome at Jimmy’s place, Henry realizes what he has been missing. He makes things right with his dad and tells him that he wants to go on a camping trip with him. Henry desperately needs it this time and he has a plan that he will make it work. This short sex story was hot from cover to cover. I’m not surprised at all by the amount of heat it has. This is John Valjean’s unique and delicious writing style. He never disappoints. To be honest, the first threesome scene was a surprise for me, I didn’t see it happening. The scene itself was very hot and going. Maybe if it was another writer he would’ve just kept it at the two guys playing together. But John decided to turn the heat up and introduce someone else making it a three-way sex scene. A great thing that planted the whole idea of father-son intimacy in Henry’s mind. What happens in the camp should stay in the camp! 😄 I don’t want to spoil anything. But right now I don’t have enough words to describe the father-son intimacy other than saying HOT HOT HOT! Watersports lovers, there is something for you here too! You won’t be disappointed. I loved everything about the story. Every F thing!
  • Home Invasion! on March 11, 2022

    From the title of the book, you know the kind of atmosphere this story is expected to deliver. It is about a home invasion that involves predators who will do whatever it takes to achieve what they want and satisfy their carnal desires. You are introduced to a family of a father (Steve) and his gay son (Caleb). Caleb’s boyfriend Max is also present in the house that night. The three men are enjoying a movie night together at home. And then five strangers break in into the house. Nobody knows what these invaders want or what their demands are but soon they will boss around Steve and the young couple making them follow their orders. I appreciate the way the author introduces to us the characters. Some authors dump all the characters at once naming them to get over with the introduction process. John Valjean introduces the characters gradually giving you all their traits and characteristics which makes it easy to visually imagine them. This part is extremely important for an author to get right especially in an erotic story. This is one of those stories in which emotionally and sexually I have sided with the intruders! Lol. Yes, they are just a bunch of perverts who want to fool around and have some fun (of course this is fantasy!). Excuse me to digress here by giving another example from a different form of media where I sided with the intruders in the movie Mother’s Day (2010) starring Rebecca De Mornay and Patrick John Flueger. Do watch that movie if you haven’t. It’s really good. No other similarities between this story and the movie except for the intrusion factor. The predators are attractive men physically and sexually! Duke, Hawk, Doc, Clutch, and Cutter. Duke and Doc are my favorite characters in this installment. At the time of writing this review, I have finished reading all three books in the series. I have binge-read them all. Duke is the boss here. He is in charge and everything happens by his orders and under his supervision. He is so wicked but honest about his feelings. Like how he introduces himself by saying “Just horny, You can call me Duke, by the way.” The kind of questions he asks his preys is just a way of getting them hot and horny. It gives you an idea that this is not the first time he’s doing it. He must’ve done this many times before. I love steamy romantic scenes between men, but I’m even a bigger fan of rough and tough sex scenes. And boy this book provides plenty! Lots of raunchy sleazy sex positions that will fulfill your dirtiest sexual fantasies. It is dangerously hot! Mr. Valjean will get you crazy and lascivious between the excellent arousing narration and the debauched dialogue. You will witness the characters’ initial rejection changes to hesitation and eventually to an eagerness and full surrender. All this happens in a gradual way to maintain the believability factor. Like all the previous books I read by the author, this one also has all the necessary measurements. They are all big ones! Nobody will complain about that. The father/son incest part is scorching. Duke continued doing his part during that scene providing all the needed commentary, making it even more explosive. You know how much you love a book when you don’t want it to end! This is not the first time, all the author’s previous books made me feel the same way hence he is an auto-buy author for me. If you enjoy the themes of this story then you should not miss it at any rate.
  • Home Invasion 2! on March 16, 2022

    In this enthralling sequel, Duke and his horny gang are on the look for new victims to use and abuse! This time the gang scores another bigger jackpot. Ryan Jacobs just turned eighteen and wants to celebrate his birthday with his buddies. But boy, he gets a different kind of celebration that he has never expected or dreamt about! His father, Griffin, and Uncle Barrett are in for some hardcore surprise as well. After immensely loving book one, I honestly did not know if this book had a totally different set of characters or if it was a continuation to the first book with the same characters. I have not read the synopsis to avoid any spoilers if there were any. The delightful moment for me was when the bad guys made an entry. I enjoyed reading about those badass characters in book one and was so glad that they were in this book too. In case you were wondering, this book can be read as a standalone story. However, I highly recommend reading book one so you make a connection with these debauched men. Early in the book, we get to know that Ryan is a gay boy who is still in the closet. Not only that but also he is getting off regularly on incestuous situations that he keeps imagining with his father and uncle. The setting of the story occurs in the Jacobs shop which is run by the two brothers. When the family men are about to close the shop for the day is the time when the rowdy gang led by Duke made their entry. And they didn’t come with empty hands. They brought a birthday cake with them for the boy! An indication that they want to celebrate with the Jacobs’ men. A perverse kind of celebration! There are so many moments and scenes in the story that I excitedly devoured. Don’t want to spoil anything but have to mention a few of those moments. The boy’s first time having his father’s penis in his mouth with Cutter teaching him how it should be done was really fun. The uncle not hiding his desire for his nephew and skullfucking him with lots of enthusiasm and lust. The two brothers are in the middle of the heat making out without being asked to which is an indication of their hidden brotherly incestuous bond. I also enjoyed how Ryan reacted to Drake’s slap and spitting by getting more affectionate in giving the man a blowjob. These little raunchy detail that the author added are very sexually captivating. And if you love spit-roasting action then you will get it too. The action between the family members is scorching and believe me they are plenty. Then there is a short scene where Duke offers Ryan some poppers to inhale, which was very hot. I always love the inclusion of poppers in gay erotica. Sleazy, raunchy, and extremely arousing!, this is what Home Invasion 2 is. The story has a happy ending. As if Duke’s mission is not just using and abusing these men but also corrupting them which is successfully done based on that ending. Many sequels do not live up to the readers’ expectations and if they do they usually are not at the same level as book one. John Valjean with this sequel not just lived up to my expectations but also exceeded the enjoyment level I had with book one. I had a blast of time reading this gay erotica. I knew I’d love it but didn’t expect it to be at this level of excitement. If you love hardcore action with great characters and some very depraved taboo scenes then don’t look anywhere else. This is the book for you. Highly recommended.
  • Home Invasion 3! on March 28, 2022

    This is the third book in the Home Invasion! series (and hopefully not the last). Our heroes/villains or whatever you want to call them are still here. Duke, Cutter, Clutch, Doc, and Hawk are very much present in this part. However, this time the mission is just too personal! It happens in Duke’s house and involves his sons Ethan, Tyler, and Jack! The wife is also present to witness it all! The three virgin sons will be deflowered by the sex-hungry gang members and there is no looking back. The story starts by introducing the Graham boys to the readers. Tyler is the youngest one, he is eighteen years old and in his final year of high school. He seems to be the one that has more tendency to be like his father than the other two. Jack is nineteen years old boy, muscular, and physically resembles Duke. And then there is Ethan who is twenty-five years old and a priest! Add to these three boys the twin brothers Cory and Cody who are friends with Taylor and make an appearance after the action starts! The themes Mr. Valjean presented in this book are too taboo and crazy. They will keep you stiff if you are into this kind of shit. There is father/son incest, brother/brother incest, Twincest, and corrupting a priest! The thing about these boys is that as they are being used and abused by their father and his gang, they gradually realize they are enjoying and getting into the action. Yes, some of them did not need much convincing to know that they dig all this dirty action. Tyler is the one who has given in faster than the rest. The boy had it in him. His dad just made things easier for him. The ending is a happy one as Duke wins over all his three sons. Except for the mother, everybody else seems to be very happy and extremely satisfied. This opens up more doors for a new story especially since at least one of the boys expressed his desire to work with his daddy! John Valjean keeps exceeding my expectations as a reader. This trilogy has truly evolved and become bigger with each book. When I was thinking that we have reached the peak, the author proved me wrong and kept pushing the envelope and increasing the heat degree! He was challenging himself to excel in the plot, the situation, and the characters continuously. All this shows on the pages. That is why I am a big fan. Home Invasion 2 had double the hotness of the first book and Home Invasion 3 has triple the hotness of the sequel. For me, the number does not just represent the sequence of the book but also the degree of taboo and heat. The only thing that will make you believe what I’m saying is by reading the books to see for yourself. This is the exact case of “hot, hotter, and hottest”. That is how the books rate in this series. I can’t recommend this series enough. My only hope is that this was not the finale. I’d love more stories about these characters.
  • Skinny White Boy with Cream on May 31, 2022

    A skinny white boy is hypnotized by an alpha black man. One day while this twink is on his way to his usual coffee shop, a black man who is standing in the doorway of his house orders him to come and do some kind of work. The fragile twink cannot resist the man’s authority over him. He just obeys this black alpha to see where fate is taking him. What the boy was not expecting was the kind of service this tough man would order him to do. Something new for him that he had never done before, but at the same time it is something that didn’t feel wrong to him. The skinny white boy will eventually find himself coming daily to service this black alpha and get his cream! Skinny White Boy with Cream is the fifth book I read by Bobbi Mare. I’m never disappointed by his writing. This book is no exception. It is a short sex story that focuses on several differences between the two characters be it, color, size, age, and authority. All that creates an intense sexual contrast that you would feel when the two characters interact with each other. The story is narrated from the white twink’s perspective and is in first-person narration form. The advantage of such narration in the case of this virgin is to feel his vulnerability and fragility when he is in the presence of a strong alpha man. The author has deliciously described all the character’s inner thoughts and sexual desires that he never felt before. There are so many things I loved about this hot short story. For example, sexualizing the medical report and what the doctor prescribed to that alpha man was a brilliant addition. The submissiveness of the boy and his eagerness to please this black daddy added a lot to the heat of the story along with the many slurs the black character uses. Gay erotic stories need to have steamy dialogue besides the action. This one has it all. The sex is very intense and the dialogue is scorching. Loved it, from start to end. Many thanks to the author Bobbi Mare for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for this honest and unbiased review.
  • The Slut Inside - Part 1 on Oct. 09, 2022

    Adam, a 22-year-old guy with limited sexual experience, is visiting London. He meets Bill, an older and much more experienced man when it comes to sex between men. The age gap and the contrast between the two males create such a big attraction for both. Soon, the rules are set and Adam finds his hidden inner desires are fulfilled. This is the first installment in the Slut Inside series. As the name suggests, the reader is following the story of the protagonist, who is a slut in the making. This is the beginning, so you have to always expect a bit of reservation and timidity from the main character to make things believable and realistic. Since this is a short story, I shouldn’t give away too much about the plot, but I must admit that many of my expectations were met, including, Adam’s choice of skimpy underwear to wear for his companion and his emotional and physical reaction to being called a slut. I appreciate the author’s decision to write in the first person since it allows us to fully understand Adam’s emotions and sexual desires. There is also some BDSM included, such as foot and armpit licking, bed-tying, and spanking. The sex scene is incredibly hot. A man who is claiming a virgin boy starts the boy’s awakening into becoming a real slut. A variety of actions are there for arousal, and they are all carefully woven into the plot. I bet Adam will surely have more adventures in the upcoming book. Many thanks to the author Mike Monsoon for providing me with an advance reader copy of this book.
  • Simon & Brock on Jan. 03, 2023

    Simon & Brock is the follow-up book to Lust, Simon. As the title suggests, Simon and Brock are madly in love with each other. Since the two high school students are now certain of one another’s feelings, they begin to play around with and develop their relationship. Other guys are welcome to participate in the fun since they both choose to keep their relationship open. The couple shares everything, including going to glory holes together, engaging in group sex, and hooking up with married men. One thing Simon still kept a secret from his lover was the nature of his relationship with the men in his family. And this bothered Simon a lot because he wanted to be fully open and honest with Brock. In this sequel, we learn more about Brock’s family, including his two attractive brothers, Kent and Len. I loved the scene where the two lovers confess their feelings to each other in a sexual way. Brock responded in a very positive way after Simon told him about his relationship with his brother and father. The fact that this occurs early in the book leaves all doors open for additional possibilities. I don’t want to give away any more of the plot or the specifics of the scenes because it’s best left to your exploration and surprise. The steamy scenes are incredible. Each one has a distinct theme and flavor, and they are all unique from one another. Although the story is primarily about taboo erotica, there are some fantastic non-taboo scenes as well. I don’t have a favorite scene because the author consistently wowed me, whether it was with his delectable prose, the seductive characters, or setting the scene in the right environment. John Valjean has made this sequel scorching. The first book was very seductive. And the impact of this one is doubled. No word in the English language, in my opinion, could possibly capture how sultry and lust-inducing this book is. I adored how Brock and Simon’s relationship was structured. It gives you the desire to be in a similar relationship. It was masterfully written by the author. Both “Simon & Brock” and “Lust, Simon” are not one-time-read erotica. They are meant to be relished repeatedly. They will always have a spot in my e-reader because they have a very high reread value for me. Both are Must Own.
  • The Able Seaman on July 12, 2023

    The plot of The Able Seaman revolves around the life of a dashing young man named Paxton Smalls. Paxton has a pretty small manhood, which is appropriate given his surname, but he makes up for it with a massive bottom. Because of this, the guy is now the object of other men’s sexual desire. One day, as a result of being humiliated, Paxton makes the decision to leave and enlist in the Merchant Marines as a seaman. Paxton finally recognizes his worth among the other sailors at this point in the story. Paxton has several encounters with fellow sailors on his journey, and he forms close friendships with a select handful of them, beginning with Brick, who enlightens him with the path to which he was destined. Paxton is constantly reminded by a succession of other men of the purpose for which he was intended. When Paxton sees all of the varied manhood sizes, he finally gives up and acknowledges that he was designed to make these men happy. I became a tremendous fan of Peter Schutes’s work as soon as I finished reading his very first book. His style of writing is quite impressive. The ideas that he explores in his books are right up my alley, so to speak. I take pleasure in the stark differences that he creates between his characters, including differences in size, age, and ethnicity, with size being the primary point of emphasis here. It’s clear the author spent a lot of time crafting each of these one-of-a-kind characters. Every one of them possesses singular qualities that differentiate him from the rest and set him apart from the group. This novel, much like the others in the author’s work, is packed with highly steamy scenes. Throughout the entirety of the narrative, there is terrific stimulating dialogue and awesome narration. The conversation about babymaking that Paxton and George had has had to be one of the most steamy exchanges that you will read. In the sequences between Paxton and the captain, pain, lust, and desire are blended together to create an intense and enjoyable experience for both parties. The story ends on a happy note with Paxton settling with the right man. This was a fantastic book and I absolutely loved it.
  • Bunkhouse Buddies on July 12, 2023

    Bunkhouse Buddies is a story about rough cowboys living together in a ranch’s bunkhouse. Set in the 1960s in a place where these bachelor men cannot find anybody but other men as their sexual companions. The story started with a young man (Buck) just arriving at the ranch. Buck gets introduced to the other cowboys. There is Mike, Sal, D, Will, and Bear. Buck gets acquainted with each one of them in his own way! I really loved how the author has given some distinct qualities to each one of the men. Their characteristics helped in giving these characters the personality needed for the reader to be able to distinguish them from each other with ease, be it the physical attributes, the behavior, or the way they talked. This is an erotic book, so the sex scenes and the way they are written are important. Hard to choose any favorites because they are all well written with a very high degree of heat. They are detailed and explicit in nature. The different situations and positions will leave you very thirsty for sure. The author has gone for a theme or a few in each of the scenes. The sex scene with Mike was amazing. I loved the carnal desires between the two men. The baby-making talk made it even hotter. This made Mike such a fascinating character. But the others, including the main character, are not far behind. Buck himself is an interesting guy who can switch positions depending on the men he is with. The domination scenes with Sal and D were fantastic. The taboo nature of the scenes with Mr. Burns and Will was amazing too. Peter Schutes ended the story in a very beautiful way where both lust and love combined together, giving a highly satisfying feel. One thing I have to add is that at first I truly thought that the author and his short biography were a real thing. Turns out that everything is fictional! I think that is a brilliant thing for the author to do. I have fallen for it and you might too unless you read this review. It is also worth noting that this story is a part of a series (Big, Bigger, Biggest), and the author’s other books also focus on the contrast between two different sizes, which is a trope I always love in erotica. Besides the scorching theme, the hot cover was another reason for me to pick and read this book. I’m very glad I did. I think I found a new favorite erotica author!
  • Forced Assault: Drugged Daddies on Sep. 02, 2023

    The Forced Assault series is non-consensual gay rape erotica. This is the third book in the series, and I absolutely enjoyed the first two. You don’t have to read the books in order because they are standalone stories. However, my recommendation is to read all three in any order if that is a theme that excites you. Both seniors at their respective high schools, Oliver Horner and Isaac Donaldson are inseparable. When the two lads are asked to accompany their dads on a camping trip, they come up with a highly cunning plot because they have a thing for each other’s dads. Isaac purchases an extremely strong aphrodisiac known as Fornica! John Valjean’s writing is known for its sense of humor. I couldn’t come up with a drug name that would be more suitable! What is your secret, John? The plan is to slip the drug into their dads’ drinks and get what they always dreamed of. Before this camping trip, Oliver and Isaac were the greatest of friends, but they never shared their deepest, darkest secrets with one another. However, things changed during this trip. The part in which they discuss their wishes for incestuous desires is just too steamy. The author is really skilled in what he does. He is adept at creating the appropriate atmosphere at the appropriate moment. In the universe of John Valjean, the men are sizzling and will never fail to harden your pole. Therefore, the fathers in this story are not an exception. Mike and Vince are both well-crafted characters, both in terms of their appearance and the way their roles in the story are told. My preference goes a little bit more toward Mike because he is a cop, and I have a soft spot in my heart for law enforcement officers who go out of control in erotica! When the boys experiment with Fornica on their fathers, they quickly come to the conclusion that they have used the drug incorrectly and that their fathers have become sex-hungry beasts that will not merely pop their cherries but will also force themselves on them in a way that they could never have envisioned. The boys will make an effort to get away from this predicament, but they are well aware that there is no way for them to get away from the two super horny men who have changed into sex-starving beasts! Besides dad/son incest, the story also has uncle/nephew incest, as there are two more characters you get to know when you read the story. The setting, the characters, the forced steamy scenes, and the use of gay slurs all together add a very dark and delicious atmosphere to the story that will insanely arouse you and bring you on the verge of orgasm no matter how hard you resist it! John Valjen has outdone himself with this story compared to the previous two. I’m not saying that the other two are less awesome than this one; no, but what I mean is that the ideas he keeps adding to his erotica really make a difference. The man is really brilliant and is not afraid to explore areas where other authors might shy away. This is one of the reasons why he is among my favorite erotica and auto-buy authors. When I knew that there would be a third book in this series, I got very excited and was looking forward to its release to purchase it. However, The author was so kind to offer me a copy to read and review. I’m very thankful to him.
  • The Butt Baby on Sep. 03, 2023

    This is a short Mpreg story that tells the story of Chuck, a married man who accidentally gets pregnant during a drunken orgy party by his high school friend, Nikolas. Since they were in high school together, Chuck has always had affection for his best friend Nikolas, but fate doesn’t bring them together until years later after both men have tied the knot. When you read a story by Peter Schutes, you can count on the protagonist to have a massive penis. Nikolas is the one who is honored and praised in this place. Chuck is the only one who can fully take the full length of Nikolas’ member. Not even his wife is able to do it. In the course of that orgy, Chuck and his buddy become one, and the seed is dispersed throughout his body. Even though it only depicts love from one side, the author certainly does a fantastic job of expressing that scene. After a month, Chuck falls ill and goes to the doctor, who surprises him with some life-altering information and tells him what changes his life. The authors of Mpreg stories typically do not get into specifics regarding how the pregnancy develops in their works. We are fortunate that the author of this piece provides more details regarding the pregnancy as well as the location of the baby. That was something that appealed to me a lot. Chuck is forced to confront the possibility that the man he loves will not accept him, which leads him to seek solace in a bathhouse. However, the fact that he is the first man to get pregnant makes everything he does on the spot. This is especially true when a video of him engaging in sexual activity in a public bathhouse is leaked on television. I won’t go into further detail regarding the plot because I don’t want to give anything away. All I want to say here is that this book is extremely sexual and fantastic in every respect. Because there are so many sensual undertones, this is the kind of Mpreg that I truly enjoy reading. There is a nursing and lactation scene that is very erotic. Excellent work on the writing. The plot was given a lot more tension when the male nurse Nelson was introduced, as well as when he engaged in an act of sexual misconduct with the main character. Fortunately, there was nothing that the main character didn’t enjoy with the nurse! Unfortunately, some of the reviews for this book on Amazon are quite vile, and they use words like “perverse” and “disgusting” to describe it. You may have noticed that the vast majority of these reviews come from female reviewers. If you read some of these reviews, you’ll see that they contain homophobic language and attitudes. Other reviews were published by women who must have been accustomed to reading the mainstream Mpreg love romances written by women in which their supposedly male characters are actually lesbian women who have been given men’s names. If that is the kind of Mpreg story you are interested in reading, you should seek it elsewhere. But if you are an open-minded reader who is willing to read a “fantasy” story about a man getting pregnant in a highly sexual and unconventional way, then this is the book for you. The readers really need to take a deep breath and learn to distinguish between reality and imagination! I had a lot of fun reading this short story, and I applaud the author for publishing it.
  • Jizz the Season on Feb. 18, 2024

    Miles Dalton is a twenty-three-year-old sexually active guy who lives in Manhattan. After having many sexual encounters with a number of men, he is finally able to find a handsome boyfriend. The story starts after just six months have passed since Miles and Reed started their relationship. As someone who has been playing all the time with a wide variety of guys, Miles is experiencing something new and different in the form of a relationship for the first time. Soon after, Reed tells Miles that he loves him, and the two of them begin to develop a more serious relationship. After that, Mr. Lucas, Miles’ father, enters the picture, and the intensity of the story’s fire continues to grow. For the purpose of spending Christmas with him, Lucas extends an invitation to his son, with whom he has a long history of sexual relations, as well as to Reed. The couple accepts, and back there, at home, a lot of fireworks and explosions take place between the three men! This is an updated version of a story that Mr. Valjean wrote for his website. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the original version. However, the author was very kind to send me a review copy of this updated version, which is now available as a short story. As usual, John Valjean never disappoints me. The man knows his craft. And this story was as sleazy and delicious as all his stories that I have previously read. This is one of those stories where you don’t know which character is the hottest! Lucas? Reed? Miles? Or all three? It’s truly hard to choose one. Before the couple visits Lucas, the author prepares the foundation for developing his characters. As readers, we get to know what kind of guy Miles is, his current bond with Reed, and the kind of relationship he used to have with his father! The flashback we get to know about the father-son bond, despite being short, is super hot and precise in giving you an idea of what you will be in for. The openness between the two is such a turn-on and makes you want to see these guys together all the time! Lucas is such a hot motherfucker with all his suggestive talks. He was so ready to get into his son’s pants and his boyfriend’s! Which he does with expertise and ease! The exhilarating sexual encounters that take place between the three of them are extremely satisfying and hot. Fans of father-son incest erotic stories will be able to keep their boners intact throughout the entirety of this read, provided that there are no accidents that occur, lol. I loved it a lot.