Edgar Parnell


Edgar Parnell has managed, studied, researched and advised a wide variety of self-help and mutual forms of enterprise (SHEs), in more than 40 countries. He started work at a retail co-op in the North of England, in his early twenties, he worked mainly on turning-around declining retail co-ops in the UK. During the late 1960s and the 1970s, he primarily worked on setting-up and developing SHEs in post-colonial countries. Following the collapse of many communist regimes, he worked in several countries introducing market-based SHEs. He also worked in several countries where SHEs replaced government-sponsored marketing boards. In 1980 he joined the Oxford-based Plunkett Foundation and was its chief executive from 1984 to 1998; after which he became an independent consultant, working internationally. During his career, he has worked on projects for significant SHEs, governments, European and United Nations agencies, and been a representative on national, European and international bodies dealing with SHEs. During the past five years, he has systematically reviewed his lifetime of work, undertaken additional research and written his latest book – Enterprises that Change Lives.

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