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I started writing 16 years ago in one of the more unlikely places, AOL chat room Role-Playing.

Over the years, I've evolved my style to fit print format, and began writing erotica in the places where my passions truly lie, the supernatural.

When I found a dearth of erotica and romance that fit my particular tastes, I decided that there needed to be someone to at least inspire those who may have similar thoughts about their characters.

So, there it is, and soon, here it shall be!

Smashwords Interview

What motivated you to become an indie author?
I'm in love with the ability to publish anything, anywhere, for any reason.

I hated the idea of 'gatekeepers' that would prevent your words from getting out there, not only sharing with people what YOU enjoy writing, but finding others who enjoy the same things you do, and inspiring each other to share the worlds everyone is carrying about in their heads.

I have a love for erotica, which is very difficult to get published in a dead tree format. Most people won't touch it with a ten foot pole. Apparently they feel that there's something shameful about enjoying sex, though companies like Harlequin were built on a foundation of the soft core 'romance' novels about 'her softness and his hardness'. Good luck finding anything that caters more to the LBG community.

Since sites like Smashwords embrace the budding erotica author, many more of us are able to get out there and really share what we enjoy. I write gay vampire erotica because I LOVE it. I love writing it, and, I love sharing it. I can't wait to get my next couple of novels out there to people who may too enjoy it!
What is your writing process?
I have a small notebook I carry with me everywhere. In it, I have written on various pages things such as "The Diablo Valley Pack" or "LaFB:2". On these pages, I'll write down the characters, who's involved. Then, I'll write something brief that I'd like to see happen to them. Such as, with Lust at First Bite, there was Tobias' pack. Their names, their positions within the pack, their day jobs, their appearances, their relationships to the other pack members. Then, I'll decide what kind of story I'm going to write. In LaFB, I wanted to bring a new character into Tobias' world, and through him, show what it's like to be drawn into a vampire Pack. So, a brief bio for Alex came up. Now, I write a few points I would like to get to in the story. (Lots of sex for LaFB!)

Now, I can sit down and write! I have a separate computer for it now, where it has no social media attached to it. I can check websites, but there's no ability to converse. When I'm on that computer, I am writing, and that's all. I write in my spare time, which, I have very little of, so, for a story the length of LaFB, it can take about a week to get a rough draft hammered out.

Once I do that, I put it on my kindle, and I take it on my commute. I read it as a reader would, and make notes of where my words hang, feel uncomfortable, or if I do things like make Alex finish his drink...twice. (Yes, I did that.)

Then, once I'm happy with a polished draft, I ship it off to my editor. She's amazing, and she points out places where I make no sense. I put it back on the Kindle, and re-read it again, then re-write the awkward parts. After it goes through this process, I ship it back, and we agree the books much better now.

She then edits it for me. Because, I don't know what; I'm doing with "Punctuation.". (Ahem.)

While she's doing her editor thing, I sit down and start drawing a cover. I typically browse covers to see what kind of style will work for what I've written. I like the subtle shillouette type backgrounds, so I pull together my references, and settle in to draw. I use a Cintiq-12 WX and Photoshop. When I'm happy with it, I ask my friends for feedback. They give it, and I make changes.

Then, I have the edited manuscript, and the cover completed, all that's left is editing for Smashwords and BAM! Like magic, I have a new book ready to go!
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Lust at First Bite 1: Bury Me
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 14,750. Language: English. Published: November 11, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Gay Erotica
(4.00 from 1 review)
The erotic novella of a 500 year old vampire in the City of San Francisco. Tobias, bored with his life, meets the young artist, Alex, for a night of intense sex. However, Tobias finds that he's more than a little attracted to the passionate artist, and begins pursuing a relationship more intensely than a predator pursuing prey in this sexy romp across the California Bay Area.

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