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  • Hush Money (Talent Chronicles) on Dec. 27, 2010

    My blog - Wow. I wish there were more books like this one. These types of books are rare. The type that can appeal to almost any readers. There are so many different aspects to Hush Money. Some parts are very touching, while some are very action packed. In Hush Money there are two main characters, Joss and Dylan. Joss is the kind of girl who would go out of her way to avoid trouble, but will stand up for herself if needs be. Joss is also very stubborn, which I can easily relate to. Dylan hangs around with the worst possible people. I find him to be quite relatable. The characters and their personalities were very well developed. I loved Hush Money. It draws you in from the very beginning until the very end. It will leave you aching for more.