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  • Son of a Sinner on March 09, 2023

    Eek. Im mixed in this review. Based on what I read soley and not how the book ends and hints at..... We have Penn, with a biological clock ticking away. Hes always wanted to be a father, but didnt consider fostering or adoption as an option. When hes brought Wilder, he sees a teen that has been ignored and forgotten about. It brings out his paternal instincts.... we see this clearly to begin with. When the story jumps forward Penns attitude has changed, theres no apparent reason. Wilder has been ignored most of his life. He walks into this new foster home with expectation that he would sent back. When he hears Penn fight to keep him, he vows to be everything to Penn..... in the jump, Wilder seems to be pushing for the relationship to be more. Not a father/son relationship.... but a daddy/boy dynamic. Using this part of the book, Penn is only Wilders foster father. Not a blood relative and while the fact that he techinically raised Wilder for 2 years, they could have a relationship but it could be considered that Penn would have cocerced Wilder, as if he held some power over Wilder. As a reader we see its the other way around. At this point its not really incest but a power play