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Corporate Prayer Resources (“CPR”) is a ministry promoting intercessory prayer and Christ-centered unity to advance God’s Kingdom in churches, cities, states, and nations.

CPR began in 1999 as the vision of Pat Allen to help Christians pray more effectively for personal, family, church, city, national and international issues. She has promoted the “demystifying “of prayer to bring prayer into the practical, everyday experience of Christians. CPR has participated in many meetings, seminars, and retreats where the practical disciplines of prayer are both taught and imparted to participants. CPR also helps churches establish a strong prayer ministry by involving church members in church sponsored prayer activities.

A particular focus of CPR is a ministry to those called to intercessory prayer, who often feel neglected or suffer from self-inflicted wounds. CPR works to provide healing and direction to wounded intercessors so that they can be more productive in their lives and ministries. We encourage intercessors to honor their spiritual authorities while looking beyond their church walls to advance the Kingdom of God. We believe that intercessors are called to bless and not curse, and to pray that God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

CPR has also participated in a number of prayer initiatives. We sponsor intercessory prayer meetings for our city of Dallas and sponsor teleconference prayer gatherings for our state of Texas. We also participate in national prayer meetings and teleconferences for the nation and for evangelization including the Mission America Coalition where Mrs. Allen serves as National Prayer Director. In addition, CPR maintains email contact with local, state, and national intercessors and sends out prayer alerts on a regular basis. We are also active in reconciliation activities bringing together the race and the denominations in Christ-centered unity.

Beyond its U.S. ministries, CPR maintains contact with several international ministries and intercessors. In addition to participation in these prayer networks, CPR has also participated in several international prayer journeys bringing intercessors to pray “on-site with insight”. We have taken intercessors to China, Italy, Ireland, England, France, Kenya, and of course, to Israel. Mrs. Allen was asked to write a chapter on prayer journeys for Giving Ourselves to Prayer published by Prayershop Publishing in 2008.

In 2012 CPR expanded into online publishing with its e-book, Babylon: A Spiritual
Journey, which traces the spiritual forces at work in the world’s major civilizations past, present, and future. It is our hope that the book can focus prayer for evangelization and discipleship in the nations. We expect to make other prayer related materials available in the near future. We invite you to partner with us as we pray and as we help others to pray.

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