Armand Sadhoe


A little about myself:

TheWriter is my pseudonym which I prefer to use because my face or identity is not important, it is the information that I pass on that should be usable and of any value for each person.

I'm born in a multi-cultural society in the rainforests of South-America, as the eldest son and grandson of healers and spiritual explorers.
So next to my own paranormal abilities that provided me endless information about earthly life and mankind, I also grew up with the teachings of all major religions, cultures and esoteric wisdom.
At the age of sixteen, our national language is Dutch, I could read and write Urdu, Arabic and Hindi next to a couple of other Western and Eastern languages, practiced martial arts, yoga, several types of meditation and self-hypnosis to discover the limits of this human body and mind.
Still it took me a whole life-time, 60 in 2012, to explore and finally verbalize the insights that I'm born with, in a way that every reader can relate easily with.

I'm convinced that this Revolutionary New Information was meant to be revealed in this adventurous time of accelerated Changes throughout humanity and Earthly life.

The accelerated awakening of mankind now not only includes each becoming aware of Reality in all its frequencies and vibrations, details and valuable functionalities, but the more awakening means: the activation and utilization of the Inner Abilities as each human is born with.


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