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  • Valkyrie's Vengeance on April 26, 2012

    A fantastic book! If your look for action and romance, you have it all rolled into one. The book is well written that you can actually picture the whole thing in your mind. Who knew that a Viking romance would be an adventure worth taking.
  • Valkyrie's Vengeance on April 26, 2012

    A fantastic book! If your look for action and romance, you have it all rolled into one. The book is well written that you can actually picture the whole thing in your mind. Who knew that a Viking romance would be an adventure worth taking.
  • An Heir of Deception (The Elusive Lords, Book 3) on April 29, 2012

    The past couple of days have been jam packed, while I have been trying to migrate north to Montana. During this time I had taken the task of reading An Heir of Deception by Beverly Kendall. I started reading it late on Thursday night and couldn't put it down. However, I knew that I must for we were traveling 10 hours north the next day. Got onto Montana Friday night and got half way through the book. Saturday I was determine to finish reading.  Starting with the prologue, we basically see Alex Cartwright left at the altar. His life fell apart right there. We jump five years into the future with Charlotte Rutherford coming back from the Americas believing her twin sister is on deaths door. To her astonishment Catherine was not. While visiting her sister Alex finds out Charlotte has return and not alone. Angry and hurt Alex basically forces Charlotte into a fake marriage to gain access to his son. Yes, rocky roads ahead. Will there fake marriage become a real one or stay as it is for the sake of their son? Can Charlotte gain the trust she lost from Alex or is all hopeless? I read the book and found out the answers and Loved it. I was absolutely amazed I couldn't put it down. It was an emotionally moving story worth the wait, so take a chance on An Heir of Deception.
  • Bigger Than Beckham on Nov. 10, 2012

    For the past few days, I have been reading V.K. Sykes' Bigger Than Beckham. I was able to finish it today and I have been trying to figure out what to say about this book. So, before I get into that let me share what the book is about and what I thought of the story. Martha Winston a sport journalist who happen to inherit her father's soccer team. Knowing not much about soccer except that her father loved the sport and promise to keep it going after his death. However, the team hits some financial hard times that send the vultures around to try to collect the team. Tony Branch, former British soccer, has a desire to own an American soccer team and he has an opportunity to collect a team. Tony makes an offer to purchase Martha's team, but she refuses. Can't understand why she would want to keep a team sport that she has no clue to run. Is it possible for them to come an agreement? As I have been reading Bigger Than Beckham for the past few days, I was trying to figure what I would say about the book. I have to be honest, I had a hard time getting into the book. I really tried. I wanted to love the book. However, it just wasn't working for me. It could have been the soccer thing or just me. I guess I was looking for more tension in the hero and heroine after all he was trying to take her team away from her. They just kinda worked things out between them. I liked the story enough to check other books by the author and I might find something that calls my name. So, I leave you today and I hope you find an enjoyable read.
  • The Lady and the Duke on Dec. 06, 2012

    All right, I did said at the beginning of the month, I might be posting more than one review. Since December is a crazy month, here is another review. Well, today's selection is a sweet read that has nothing to do with Christmas, but still a sweet read. Olivia Kelly has just written a novella called The Lady and the Duke. I would like to share with you what it's about and my thoughts. Miss Audrey Ellis is on her second season and would like nothing more than to go back home in the country. However, her mother has other plans. Lady Witte would love to see her daughter married to someone with a title, maybe even a Duke. What are you going to do with a mother like that? William Langston, the Duke of Halford, came to London to figure out why his sweet sister was being blackmail by Viscount Claremont. Since that had to come first there was really no time to partake in the season. After all he's not really in the market to find a bride. Although, Will kind of crashed into Audrey and nothing is ever quite the same. Truly a sweet read. Here's why: Audrey is a darling girl even though she tends to be klutzy with her head in the clouds at times, and would prefer to be reading a book. Nothing wrong with blue-stocking tendency. Then you have William and his dimples. You gotta love a hero with dimples, I don't know what it is about dimples. Anyways. I really enjoyed there awkward encounters and how he forgets the main purpose for his London visit. I liked the story. I also like how the heroine tries to be herself even when it's not popular. I enjoy seeing how Will is willing to accept her the way she is. So, if you are looking for a quick "sweet" read, I would no further and checkout The Lady and the Duke.
  • Curveball on July 27, 2013

    Yesterday, I finally finished Curveball by V.K. Sykes. I need to say that I enjoyed this story, but I think y'all need to know I'm not a fan of baseball. Never have been, and my husband has told me that it's because I don't understand the game. He might be right on that account. However, I don't see myself learning to understanding the game anytime soon. Yet, I still enjoyed Taylor and Ryan's story. In the story we have Taylor Paige who loves the game. Seriously, loves baseball, so much so that she ends up as an assistant to the general manager, her dream job. Now she needs to prove herself to the GM that she can do her job, even if she really doesn't have field experience. She gets a brilliant idea (or crazy one depending on who you talk to) to make a trade that could be deem ludicrous. Ryan Locke is a ballplayer who has been playing in the outfield for sometime, but something isn't right. Now he can't make throws like he use, but is still pretty good at bat. He's hoping for a trade to an AL (American League), so he can just become a DH (designated hitter). Unfortunately, Ryan doesn't get his wish, but ends up playing first base for the Patriots, thanks to Taylor. I must say I did enjoyed Taylor and Ryan's story. They both love baseball, so much that they have made it their lives one way or another. Taylor is a strong independent person, but at the same time she has her vulnerabilities. Her vulnerabilities lie with her family not being happy with her choice of profession and being in a profession where she is in a minority. Not too many women in the world of baseball. However, she perseveres. Ryan, has a mental block and like most guys can't admit he has a problem and needs help. So, throughout the story, we see Taylor trying to help Ryan and encourage him seek a professional help. Of course, Ryan has this fear of having the label with getting the help he needs, which jeopardizes his career. Plus, I did like Taylor and Ryan's relationship, which jeopardizes Taylor's career. Overall, a pretty good read, even if I'm not a baseball fan. So, if you love baseball and hot players, you might like Curveball.
  • A Scandalous Deception on Nov. 27, 2014

    Ever since A Scandalous Charade Fin has been mopey. If you haven't read here's a clue: Georgie. Fin took a steadying breath. One would have thought sometime within the last three years, he'd have gotten over, her that the pain of losing her would have dulled a bit, that he'd have made a step or two towards getting his life. But he hadn't. Georgie was the girl he loved and left before heading off to India, and when he returned he found out she had died. So, for the past couple of books he has been moping around. However, Felicity wasn't going to have that, and she would egg him on and tease him. Now Felicity was consider a bit wild. It must be that smidge of American blood in her. Anyway, she went off to America to visit her mother's side of her family. While she was there she met a wonderful chap and fell madly in love him. I wish it was happy and exciting as it sounds, but Aaron Pierce hid a deep dark secret from everyone who knew him. The more we learn about the man, the more we realize he was a sadistic bastard. Fortunately, she was able to escape from his clutches and come back to England with the pretense she was a widow. Honestly, before this book I was wondering how she became a widow at such a young age. When she came back she wasn't the carefree young girl she once was. I guess abuse will do that to a girl. Even though Felicity loss some of her carefreeness, she slowly was gaining that back. I think the teasing of Fin helped. Now these two couldn't be any more different. As I have describe Felicity as carefree, but she's a bit cautious. Granted at times it may seem like she's not, but at the heart of the matter she is which stems with her tumultuous relationship with Captain Pierce. While Fin tended to be "Controlling, overbearing, insufferable starched stickler." Another great description of the man was "Because the man is a sanctimonious prig." Yes, Fin sounds like a load fun to be around. However, the interaction between him and Felicity was priceless. I liked when he started having conflicted feelings towards Felicity, because he was in love with her sister first. Normally, the rule is you stay away from past lovers family, but it's kind of hard with his situation. Plus, they kind of complete one another while he's no fun and she a ton of fun. Overall, A Scandalous Deception is a pretty good story. Yes, there was that whole sad thing towards the end, which I'm still kind of upset about. What can I do? Nothing and just move forward. However, the good thing is Felicity and Fin are able to move forward with there life and thats what counts the most.