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Jordan James is a new author whose specialty is plot-driven erotic romance. James is working on a novel about a successful female attorney, Genevieve Cummings, who returns to college to pursue an advanced degree in law. Her goal is to become a law professor, but she puts that dream on hold when the law school dean, Phillip Rosen— an older man who was her first lover — asks her to do legal work for a secretive tech CEO, Lee Conway. When Genevieve begins to fall in love with Lee, she also feels a rekindled desire for Phillip. Genevieve also is faced with many difficult decisions, among them, "should she enter the fetish world at Lee’s request, specifically at a party called The Ball?"; And she must make an even more challenging decision; "should she choose between two handsome, sexy and accomplished gentlemen or enter into a taboo relationship with both of them?" As she searches her heart, she becomes Lee's attorney as federal investigators probe his business and pursue criminal charges that could destroy him.

Smashwords Interview

Why do you specialize in erotic romance?
I’ve found I need some spice in the stew; I feel I can’t make a proper meal without a fetish or pushing the envelope in sensuality. My novels will be plot-driven and “slow burn,” meaning the reader will be drawn into a budding romance in which desire and flirtation will come before sex. The characters always will be the focus —- their interactions and eventual love the entrees. But there will be sexual variations. In the novel I’m writing now, my lead character is confronted with several questions. Among them: should she enter the world of latex fetish at the request of a man who desires her and whom she desires unlike any other man she’s known. And then she confronts another question that is considerably more momentous. Should she avoid choosing between two men by entering a ménage a trois relationship with them, one rooted in sexual love?
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I wrote a note to a lover and the response was: “You really should write erotica.” With that confidence boost, I decided to take the leap. My genre will be erotic romance— love stories with a deep erotic flavor.
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