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  • Cornerstone on June 11, 2012

    This is definitely one of those books that had me HOOKED from the beginning. I found myself COMPLETELY rooting for Nalena and her mother--no matter how "excentric" she seemed at first. From the beginning I could see that Nalena was one of those protagonists who is believable and relatable even amidst a supernatural storyline. What teenager HASN'T been embarrassed by a parent at some point? What teenager HASN'T felt like an outsider? Even amongst their own family? What teenager doesn't feel like the world is against them, sometimes? And what adult doesn't remember feeling all of these things, as well? There were moments when I could almost FEEL Nalena's frustration over being kept in the dark regarding pretty much everything in her life. And THAT is how I believe this story draws in its audience. There is convincing emotional turmoil packed with an exciting, romantic, and EXTREMELY original plot. Ms. Provencher builds a world that is unlike any other that I've read. It was really nice reading this story and NOT being able to guess what was going to happen next. There was no predictability here. I was frequently taken aback with curveballs that I found absolutely refreshing and brilliant! And the ROMANCE! OHHHH, the romance. It's so subtle and unhurried, but SOOOO sweet. I am very eager to see what becomes of Nalena and her beau in the next installment. I more than suggest that you read this book! I INSIST that you read this book!
  • The Path on June 11, 2012

    I found myself putting off this book in the beginning because it was a little slow for the first couple of chapters. The fact that the story didn't grab me immediately, is one of the reasons I didn't give this book 4 stars. Once I decided to commit myself to getting past, what I hoped was just a rough beginning, I was very happy that I did! The story does, indeed, redeem itself just a few chapters in. I found that I was halfway through and totally invested in the characters in just a few hours. What I most thoroughly enjoyed about this story was that the main character, Cassie, really comes into her own by the end of the story. She started out unsure of herself and her talent as an investigator for Veritas, and a fledgling witch. After a chance meeting with the story's antagonist, however, Cassie discovered her power and just progressively gets more and more amazing. Also, I enjoyed the romantic aspect of the story. I found that Ms. Savage was able to weave the romance in while not at all taking away from the rest of the story and what was going on while Cassie and Drew's relationship changed. I will definitely read the next installment, in what I hope will be a series. I am a fan of Savage's writing. I give this book 3.5/5 stars!
  • BROKEN (#2 in The Crystor Series) on July 02, 2012

    Oh. My. Word. I don't even know how to begin this review because I have SOOOO many words of praise filling my mind right now. Alright, let me attempt to process this book and put together a review that won't be comparable to a teenage fan-girl's "O-M-G, I lurve you, Ms. Bryant" fanmail. Alright, so if you haven't started this series, you have NO EXCUSE! Why?! Because Bound, book one, is free right now on Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle reading app. Just go to Bound on Amazon. Alright, now go, purchase this book, read it (it'll take you a day, because you won't be able to put it down), come back here and read this review. After you're done reading Bound and then this review, you'll, of course want to go purchase Broken. If you don't...Well, then, I guess you must not enjoy master storytelling, complicated-but-beautiful romance, otherworldly princes and princesses, strong heroines...Do I need to go on? Broken took up right where Bound left off. And from the start this book was an emotional roller coaster for me. It starts with the desperation of both Kira and Lydia gravely wounded. And while knowing that these two front-burner characters are most-likely going to pull through, there is still an amazing strength behind Octavion's hopelessness that pulled me in. I felt his desperation. Then, there's some happiness. Again, I was pulled in and drowned in the greatness of Octavion and Kira's complicated relationship. About midway through the book, there was a scene. I won't even begin to tell you what it was about because it's not something that I can or should give away. It's a pivotal part of the story that deals with some fall-out. It's a scene that plays between Kira and Octavion. I'm going to be honest and say that RARELY does a book move me to tears. Rarely. But this scene was HEARTBREAKING. And I am so beyond impressed with Ms. Bryant's ability to take this story to the depths that she did. Simply amazing. The book ends after a few more up and downs. The ending is most-assuredly a cliff-hanger. And it's one that will leave you anticipating Ms. Bryant's next installment in this series. This series is on my list of MUST-READS. If you've been wanting to read this for awhile and haven't gotten to it, I implore you to wait no longer.
  • The Brotherhood Of Piaxia on July 16, 2012

    It seems that I've been reading quite a few fantasy books recently, and I'm not able to remember why I ever stopped. The Brotherhood of Piaxia is all about warring wizards, lost royalty, and setting things right. There are many characters in this story, but all of them play a special part in the grand scheme. Even with all the varied characters, I never had a problem keeping track of the story and what was going on. The only drawback I found was the slightly slow build-up to the real meat of the story. During this build-up I know there is a lot of story-building and helping the reader understand each of the characters and their motives, but at times I found myself getting distracted. Once I reached the middle of the story, however, I was lost...In a good way. I couldn't wait to find out how all of the intrigue would play out. If you love fantasy that mixes magic, lost royalty, sacrifices, heroes, and strong characters, I would suggest The Brotherhood of Piaxia.