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  • Essential Fly Tying Techniques on April 15, 2012

    Tying your own flies is the only way to fully explore what fly fishing has to offer. The satisfaction of taking your first fish on your own fly builds your confidence in every aspect of the sport. If you have decided to take this step then a firm grounding in the basic techniques is the starting point. Without doubt the best way to learn is with hands on instruction, I was fortunate that lessons were available at the time I started. For many people lessons are not available. There are plenty of books that attempt to give you the basics, as a book Essential Fly Tying Techniques stands comparison with the best of them. Unlike others it doesn't stop there. By giving you access to video tutorials it gives you a real time demonstration of techniques. Invaluable if you are starting out on this journey alone. Both Tim and myself are not in the best position to write a beginners book. We both tie flies, and therefore, have acquired the language of fly tying. Putting yourself into the position of a novice isn't easy. It is pitfall that Tim has avoided well. Something I look out for in books such as this is the use of a fly tying term that hasn't been explained previously . I found none in Essential Fly Tying Techniques. Essential Fly Tying Techniques will give you the best start in the art and craft of fly tying. Even if you have hands on instruction, it will help you to develop between your lessons. Alan Bithell, Commercial fly tyer & author of Progressive Fly Tying.