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  • Flying High, Diving Deep: A Factional Memoir of the Gay Life of Habu on Aug. 22, 2021

    Dear Habu, You have a way with words that has made me a fan, even when I am neither male nor gay. You do have made me want to try that in my next life, though, after a rather dull marriage that already ended long ago. I have read a lot of your stories on Literotica and I like the way you understand life and 'la condition humaine', not always going for a fairy tale ending.
  • Only One Draw - Saving D.C. T-Girls on Jan. 22, 2022

    It was a quiet, lonely New Year's Eve. Even the weather was unexiting and I was looking forward to an evening of glueing my savings stamps in their pages of the supermarket's booklets. Oh joy! But then, my evening was saved by this book which kept me glued to its pages, not noticing that 2021 was somewhat quietly expiring. Towards the end, the talented writer had left enough clues, I suppose to guess at the killer, which was only fair because there is enough going on already to suspect nearly everyone. Besides, everyone is kept busy with other pusuits as well. In short: Not just for New Year's Eve, but every evening that purports to be uneventful and lonely.
  • Creampuffs Rebake on March 30, 2022

    Nobody in their right mind would devour 45 cream puffs in one go, at least I didn't. Savour them slowly, carefully, just a few at a time. They're not too sweet, some even contain a discernible taste of umami. I recommend to use them as treats, a reward after a horrible day at work or aggravated shopping. And what's even better, you can read them again and again. The only threat to your health could be lack of sleep, but that would be your own fault.