Craig Charlesworth


I'm a 32 year old qualified nurse, originally from a small town in Nottinghamshire. Wolfshead is my first completed novel after many false starts, and was initially begun in the summer of 2006. Unhappy with the way things were going, I ditched the original version but restarted it in 2009 and have now, finally, managed to write a complete novel. Huzzah! This was a novel I was always interested in writing, as Robin Hood was always around me as a kid, living as I did a stone's throw from the real Sherwood Forest. I whiled away many happy hours back then watching the likes of Jason Connery, Kevin Costner and Errol Flynn prance around in their green tights.

I am currently living in York with my wife and house rabbit and making my way slowly (very slowly) through the sequel to Wolfshead.


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