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  • Molly's Sexual Curse on May 07, 2013

    This is the first story by Sapphire that I have read, and I have to say that I’m not disappointed in her writing ability. Her character development was done so well that she thought of things that I, as a reader, wouldn’t have thought of. She went into describing Molly’s character and the trials that she faced because of her curse, to such detail that you felt like you were there with her. Tristan’s character was also well written. He showed large amounts of compassion and understanding when it came to what Molly had been through. He was also very patient in teaching her of different things. By adding all of those details, you couldn’t help but want to find your own Tristan. The only complaint that I have about this book is the length. Sapphire was able to write this story to where you start out at the beginning of their relationship, all the way to even over a year later. She didn’t skip out on any details that would be deemed important. All in all, I really enjoyed this book, and I can’t wait to read more from Sapphire.
  • Killing Matt Cooper on May 25, 2013

    In all my time reading, I was unsure if I would ever “willingly” read a book such as this. This book is written from the perspective of a serial killer. It details how he started on this path in his life, the way he picks his victims, and what happens after he finally gets ahold of the women he chooses. When an author writes a book such as this, there are two ways that it can be written, either in a very gruesome way, or a way that you can’t put the book down because you want to find out what happens next. In the case of this book, the author John wrote it in a way that you wanted to find out what happened. It was almost as though you got sucked into the story. This was a very well written book, especially considering the topic of the book. I would recommend it to anyone who is into the Murder/Mystery genre.
  • Swept Away on Oct. 29, 2013

    This book is a short read, but I do have to say that it is completely sweet and heartwarming. While there isn’t a lot of backstory that we are told, I do think that we are told enough that it helps the story along. I would love to see a full length book featuring these characters to be able to learn more about them. There is quite a bit of smut factor that happens in the book, but I think that it ended up working out in the course of the story. While we do know that Eddie and Mike have a colorful past, it was really great to watch as they reconnected with each other even after being together for so long. Overall, this was a really sweet read and I would recommend it to people who enjoy this genre.
  • How To Break A Cowboy on Nov. 04, 2013

    3.5 Stars!!! Well if you are looking for a smutty book, then you should check this one out for sure! There really isn’t that much happening in the book besides the sex, but I do have to say that the sex is really hot. (Like really hot.) We meet Tessa, who is meeting up with some hot cowboys for some weekend fun. And boy does she have it! There are 3 men, yes you read that right THREE men who are able to help make her happy over the course of the weekend. This is one of those books that are completely worth the read if you are just looking for smut, besides that? There isn’t really anything on happening in the book that will keep your attention.
  • Meant To Be on Nov. 04, 2013

    This book completely shocked me on a couple different levels, and in a completely good way! When I started the book, I thought it would be all about sex, and it wasn’t at all. This was an honest to goodness book about a relationship that is going through a tough decision and how they deal with it. One thing that I loved about this book was the problem they were facing wasn’t solved with sex. Because let’s be honest here, sex doesn’t solve any problems. The characters in this book were extremely likeable and I would love to read more about them in the future. My only complaint about this book is how short it is. I think that it would have been better as a longer story instead of broken up into pieces. Overall, I did enjoy the book!
  • Time's Forbidden Flower on Dec. 09, 2013

    Past lives is something that has always fascinated me. There is something about them that does keep me wondering if what happens to us in our past can still affect us in our future. Or even still, will the promises that we make to each other now come back to haunt us in our future lives? In Love's Forbidden Flower we meet Lily and Donovan. Two people who seem to be soul mates because of everything they have in common, and their ability to know what the other is thinking. Throughout the course of that book, we find out the things that both of them had went through. In this book, we get to find out what happened to them at the end of the first part of their story. 10 years after everything happened, Lily and Donovan are getting back to the way that things were before, with some exceptions. They each have their own spouses and children to take care of, but they once again know they can rely on each other when they need help with their lives. In this book, they are able to learn more about their past lives, and find out what it is that keeps drawing them to each other. You can tell the amount of time and thought that went into this story, being able to describe the different parts of the past lives that Lily and Donovan shared together was just amazing. Understanding what it is that happened to them that has lead them to the point they are at now was also just great to finally find out! One thing that I did enjoy about this book a lot more than Love's Forbidden Flower is the fact that the characters seemed more mature. My complaint about Lily's character in the previous book is that she seemed very self centered, in this book she isn't. She has finally gotten to the point where she is thinking of others, and not just herself. That showed a large amount of growth on her part. All in all, I enjoyed this story and if you have read Love's Forbidden Flower, you should really check out this book!
  • Love's Forbidden Flower on Dec. 09, 2013

    I do have to say, when I first started reading this book, I was unsure if I was going to like it. However, after I got into the story it wasn’t at all like I excepted it to be. There were a few parts that I just didn’t really understand about the book itself. One of my issues with the book is right from the start. It was almost as if we were just dropped right in the middle of the story without a lot of back story. We know that Lily and Donovan are having feelings towards each other, but we don’t get to know how the feelings started, or even when they realized that they had those feelings. With Donovan’s character, I really enjoyed him in this book. Watching his side of the battle he was having, and him trying to overcome what he knew was wrong was done really well. You could almost feel his pain that he had because he thought he was doing something wrong. In my opinion, Lily’s character almost seemed selfish to a point. After Donovan told her he wasn’t going to anything, she still kept after him. She didn’t seem to be taking his feelings into account while she was upset with him. The way that the story did flow though was well written. Diane was able to show that Lily and Donovan were able to move on with their lives, and what they were doing, was done extremely well. There were times in the book where you completely forgot that Lily and Donovan were related, it was as though it was just a normal forbidden love story. All in all, I did enjoy this book because it wasn’t what I had expected it to be. I would recommend this book if there are friends of mine who are open to reading it!