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  • Significance on Aug. 11, 2012

    First Thoughts I really enjoyed this book! I can't believe that I hadn't read it before now. I got the book today and I finished it today. I simply could not put it down. I knew after reading the synopsis that I would enjoy this book and I did. The only reservation I had was with the imprinting, because I'm not a fan of insta-love but the author took it above anything I could have imagined.And although they do fall in love instantly they take the time to get to know each other. My thoughts We have Maggie a regular girl who on the eve of her high school graduation accepts a date with one her classmates named Kyle. This will be the first time she has been out with anyone since breaking up with her boyfriend of three years, Chad earlier in the year. While waiting on Kyle to text her she meets and saves Caleb from getting hit by a car. She later finds out that he is Kyle's cousin, and is in town for Kyle's graduation party.Caleb then offers to take her to Kyle's house Once they make it inside his family's house they are formally introduced and with a handshake their entire lives change, because Caleb has just imprinted on Maggie.From there Maggie's learns that when you imprint you get a set of abilities, and with those abilities soon comes problems. Now she has to deal with rival clans, a jealous family member, trying to dodge her now overprotective dad ,all the while learning everything she can about this new group of people and founding out why she is so special to them. Characters Maggie: is not your typically teenage girl. She just graduated high school a year early. Her mom took off last year and her dad is a zombie. She was put though a lot of situations that could break her but she came out on top. I loved the relationship she has with her dad, brother and best friend Becca. Caleb: Whom I loved is the perfect male hero. He's strong; he's responsible, and basically perfect. He had a strong relationship with her family and genuinely cared for Maggie. Together they were the perfect main couple. Secondary characters: I basically loved all the characters. Kyle, Becca, Bish, Jen, and both Maggie and Caleb's family made the perfect supporting cast. I even loved the villains! Plot I loved learning the background information on the clans and how the Virtuoso people came to be. What are Ace's, the different abilities you can process, how many clans are around and why some are rivals. The author does a great job with coming up with the back-story for all clans.This book offers drama, mystery, and action. Overall, this was a pretty good book. The only negative I have was the ending. I really wanted it to either continue or have another stopping point. Aside from that, I look forward to reading the rest of the series and seeing where Maggie and Caleb's story go from here. Characters: 5/5 Writing: 4/5 Plot: 5/5 Ending: 4/5 Stars:4.5 Would I recommend it: Yes! If you like YA books then this is the story for you.