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Szeretem a macitejszín zamatát.Csókolózzunk gecis szájjal 69-ben egymás szájába élvezés után.
I love the taste of bear cream. Let's kiss after cumming in each other's mouth while 69-ing.

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  • Game On on Oct. 16, 2018

    Excellent storytelling, exquisite style, and the author knows quite a lot about the male soul. Thank you for avoiding all the pitfalls of stereotypes and creating threedimensional personalities.
  • Game On 1.5: First Time on Oct. 16, 2018

    Yet another great writing, congratulations. Dear would-be-reader, do yourself a favour and start with Game On first :)
  • Protect (A Gay Stepbrother Romance) on Oct. 21, 2018

    A must read to all males struggling with accepting their identity. And one full of grippling suspence at that.
  • Handy Men Do It Better on Oct. 21, 2018

    Hey, Dan, we have been left on the cliff's edge for almost four years now. Time to publish the next installment.
  • More Than Friends Collection (Contemporary Gay Romance Boxed Set) on Nov. 10, 2018
    (no rating)
    In these three stories I enjoyed every twist and turn and there were countlessof them, indeed. The stories share the same warm coziness although waves of almost destructive passion and gripping suspence accompany the shaping and forming of the characters in their making and coming of age. Highly recommended for one and all.
  • Rx for Sex on Nov. 10, 2018
    (no rating)
    The story starts at a menacing note that could even carry on or hit deeper lows but surprizes await the eager reader. I can't wait more from the excellent storyteller.
  • Swimmer Boy on Nov. 14, 2018

    The story is well told, the style is excellent, and the topic explored is a must read. I was intrigued until the last couple of pages concerning the title of the story and all of a sudden it got justified. It tells some of my experiences, however it took a long and winding road for me until I became able to accept and appreciate the way I was created.
  • Marketing Beef on Nov. 23, 2018

    The main novelty for me in this novel is its intimate way of dealing with the situation in it. The characters are really 3D figures and the twists and turns add to the suspence of storytelling. It's highly recommended for the readers of great stories.
  • The Complete Edition of the Rick&Jerry Series on Dec. 08, 2018

    Many a short nights these Dates cost me as the stories are so compelling I simply couldn't stop reading on. Jerry in many ways is like me with all his inner dialoges, his questions of insecurity, his longing, his hopes, but Rick and all the others are three-dimensional characters, too. There are some hints in the last or so books which suggest the story may continue which I for one eagerly anticipate. Read it, you won't be sorry, I guarantee.
  • Orgasm Incorporated: Book One on Dec. 22, 2018

    In a highly possible future two thin layers of mankind find a place to meet. To sum up very roughly this is what the three stories are based upon. Of course they are much more than this, but men and women surely find it revealing and learn a lot from reading it. I personally highly recommend it.
  • Orgasm Incorporated, Book Two on Dec. 22, 2018

    Part two delves deeper into the situation with more peculiarities and passion on the part of the vulnerable ones in the situation. The reader may find some consolation experiencing that those exposed can count on professional and sympathetic assistence to heal the damages, but some situations in the multitude of shorter pieces are quite shocking. Despite my adjectives I do recommend reading it for men and women alike.
  • Orgasm Incorporated: Book Three on Dec. 22, 2018

    Having read the first two parts the readers might think little more can be in store to surprize them. And as it turns out they are wrong. Even more twists and turns, shocking and touching follow each other in this volume which I couldn't stop reading until the very last page in one sitting. Exquisite storytelling and style are the distinctive features of the author in these three books which actually have a lot of storylines open, so I am waiting eagerly for what is to come. I hope there is/are.