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  • Food in God's Place on Feb. 13, 2013

    Wow-I had no idea how much emphasis I had on food in my life! 'You sometimes eat when you need to pray.' Am I the only one who didn't realize they were reaching for comfort food when they were stressed out? A very eye-opening book. I had never considered how much of our social time revolves around food. For people new to fasting, following Anna on her journey will help with some of the practical questions. If you are someone who already fasts, the book has a powerful way to work through things in your life through the process of fasting. The story smooths out after a few chapters and is definitely worthwhile. Ideas the book brought up have stayed with me as I continue to ponder them. I'm glad I read this book and think it has been very useful to me in considering how I relate to food and fasting.