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Cynthia Lynn's writing experience as a journalist includes specializing in travel writing and special interest features, her travel updates have been distributed to NPR stations, and she's contributed to a number of travel related books and publications. Her first book, No More Hotels In Paris was followed by No More Hotels In Rome, the Paris book is still available in used copies sold on Amazon, the many excellent reviews included Library Journal and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Cynthia Lynn's travel guides are in libraries worldwide according to WorldCat.Org. She is a member of Authors Guild, her website, can be found on the Authors Guild roster of published authors, and is listed in Google and Yahoo and other search engine sites.

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
I began writing when I was in grade school, I had a journal that I kept in my school desk so that my parents couldn't read it, but one day when I arrived at school and went to my classroom I opened the desk and it wasn't there. I was so upset that I never kept a journal again, though my interest in writing was channeled into reading books, and I usually brought home at least 6 books from the Public Library in my neighborhood.
What's the story behind your latest book?
The once fun loving big apple city reporter Clarissa Max tells a pink slip remembrance narrative with a serendipitous beginning that ends with a haunting—the locale is "Florida Cracker Country" and some of the characters that Clarissa meets at Ed's Diner and in the town of Citrusville are Cracker decendants who are deeply religious. They believe that sinners who don't change their sinning ways are doomed to spend an eternity in a leaking boat bailing out water on the way to the endless falls, and Clarissa fears that her immoral ways have contributed to the loss of her good life in the big city, but she finds out that a second chance comes with a mystic destiny. This is my first novel and it was featured at the 2013 Book Expo's "New Title Showcase" — "The Kirkus Literary Review" says this novel offers a promising message, "-life presents unexpected detours, but always provides the right people at the right time..." and the reviewer adds, "lovely poetic phrases such as, cicada night and the pad of paws followed me."
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