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  • Betrayed: Book Two - The Road to Redemption on May 01, 2014

    I was eagerly awaiting this latest book as I couldn't imagine where the series was going next. Having come to know and love all of the characters it was almost like waiting for that long awaited letter home from a loved one. Damien is at first glance cold, tough and uncaring. Hidden behind his cold exterior is a heart that has been crushed and love is something he feels is best left in the past. Will things change when a new woman comes on the scene? Enter Sam. Not your typical pretty girl but rather a woman who has things to prove to others seemingly without any apologies or excuses. Her life is hard and living isn't easy. Love is in short supply in her life but she knows her place so gives it little thought. Telling you more would rob you of an amazing reading experience. I will allow you to travel with them through darkness, need, history and longing. Picking up this book you will want to devour it in one reading. Perhaps you will even do as I did and not put the book down. Reading throughout the night with your emotions moving quickly and deeply. Tears one moment and laughing out loud to yourself the next. The emotional roller coaster consumes you and drags you ever deeper. A must read - no doubt - an easy five stars - Nicky Charles once again shows that she is one very talented writer who can bring characters to light,even when they prefer to hide in the darkness.