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  • American Business and Daytime Dramas on July 05, 2012

    When I first read the title, American Business and Daytime Dramas, I immediately questioned how are these two unrelated subjects tied together? Then, I started to read Dr. Donald Boudreau’s phenomenal well researched and documented story. This fascinating scholar and seasoned government expert is a visionary, who significantly researched how major daytime dramas are impacted by businesses and advertisers! This book is a good read and will appeal to the business community, mainstream America, soap opera fans, and persons interested in ageism, sexism, and anti-Baby Boomer generation trends in contemporary American media, and identifies what citizens can do with a view to reversing it, before it advances yet further. Boudreau brilliantly displays how ageism is directly responsible for the inappropriate way the media is disregarding, as well as disrespecting, the largest group of senior citizens that have ever resided in the US. They are foolishly ignoring us-the baby boomers. According to the AARP-we are all now senior citizens. However, unfortunately many of us had no idea why the major studios were not paying attention to us. Hopefully, the masses will get the message, about what Dr. Boudreau has clearly established in his book: Ageism is alive and well throughout the American media. Even though I am not a major fan of the soaps-I know many people who are, and therefore have entered into the grassroots organizations that are trying to bring back their favorite soaps. I pray the good guys win…As a relatively new senior citizen (baby boomer) I am extremely offended by the costs of ageism throughout the US media. I hail Dr. Boudreau for having such insight to expose the under pinnings of what really happened with American business as it relates to daytime dramas. Ageism is something you won’t recognize, until you become a senior citizen- or have read this brilliant book, American Business and Daytime Dramas! Best to the movement for bringing back the soaps and simultaneously respecting the opinions of valuable senior citizens. BRAVO! ***** Dee A. Levy, MA