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  • Ownership is Fatal on Feb. 06, 2013

    I'd second what the last reviewer wrote _ I simply wanted more from the narrator. Regardless, as my only complaint is that I wanted more then it really must have been good. Some striking imigary and a nice short story. I hope there is more to come.
  • Elysium Part One. Another Chance on Feb. 06, 2013

    I'm a bit confused by the last reviewer. This was blatantly science fiction. Set a century after a global apocolypse, with flying robot sphere things? I can't see how it isn't science fiction in anyone's mind. Consider 'Children of Men', no ray-guns there either but science fiction for sure. This is the second freebie I've read on Smashwords and I have to say it was a treat. I didn't notice many typos - the story was compelling and the characters believable and that was enough for me. As for part two? I downloaded that when I downloaded part one. I started it on the bus home and it is promising to be as good as the first. Summary: Interesting, compelling, great character development. If he pulls of the other two with the same skill as this then we're in for a treat, unfortunately, this is where a lot of authors fall fowl of their own plots. We'll see in part 2.