DJLys' favorite authors on Smashwords

Ava Brennan
Latest book: The Monster Games: Episode 4 - Alex and Tim.
Published July 26, 2022. (4.88 from 8 reviews)
Becca Vale
Latest book: Surprise Me.
Published May 24, 2024. (3.00 from 1 review)
Ben D.
Latest book: Corrupting My Cousin: Part 2.
Published March 29, 2024.
Nora Phoenix
Latest book: Forty-Seven Duology: The Collection.
Published April 25, 2024.
Odessa Hywell
Latest book: Cursed Omega's Second Chance: The Omega Wolf's Curse #1.
Pre-release—available June 7, 2024. (4.67 from 6 reviews)

Smashwords book reviews by DJLys

  • Glory, Glory, Hallelujah on March 03, 2024

    have i read every becca vale story? no. will i though? i mean yeah if i could stop re-reading this one 500 times a day i might manage to care about the rest of them. do you like twins? do you like public s€x? do you like when twins say super hot shit to each other during public s€x? literally just read this wtf are you even waiting for?
  • Practice Makes Perfect on March 05, 2024

    this is literally one of the hottest things i’ve ever read in my life thanks bye
  • Drink or Dare Daddy on March 05, 2024

    look there’s a reason it took me like 3 months to review this and it’s basically because i’ve been rereading it nonstop on a loop for those 3 months and i haven’t had time to do anything else sorry not sorry
  • Come On, Let Me See it on March 05, 2024

    piercings are not my thing so this wasn’t my favorite but you know what is my thing? twins. and becca vale. 5 stars bye
  • Dirty Wet Bastard on March 05, 2024

    listen i’m way more into twincest than brocest but if twincest didn’t exist this might be my favorite thing that’s come out of becca vale’s brain
  • Big Brother Knows Best on March 05, 2024

    will i ever give becca vale fewer than 5 stars? yeah maybe if she ever writes something that isn’t awesome but what are the odds of that? do i realize this isn’t actually a review of this book? yes but also - isn’t it?
  • Reward For Time Served on March 05, 2024

    sometimes i’m just minding my own beeswax, living my life, slaying my day etc and then my brain is like “damn imagine if you had a random hot uncle you didn’t know existed and you hooked up with him like 10 minutes after you met?” 1 million stars thanks
  • Thicker Than Water on March 05, 2024

    becca vale wants you to know how important lube is and for that alone this one deserves 5 stars but also it was super hot and made me laugh. 11/10
  • Sleep Tight Little Bro on March 05, 2024

    okay yeah no this one is real good
  • Black Out Birthday Boy on March 05, 2024

    this is my least favorite of all the ones i’ve read so far but that’s not becca vale’s fault. i just prefer reading about brothers who grew up together lol but not everything is about me! :)
  • Fake It Until You Make It on March 05, 2024

    this was the first becca vale story i read and sometimes i forget it exists bc listen i read a lot of porn but trust me this is one of her best :)
  • Little Brother's Bedtime on April 26, 2024

    listen. no, listen. this came out today and i’ve already read it 116 times, okay? i’m literally writing this review from the waiting room in hell bc this story fucking murdered me