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She has grown up in a small island called Mauritius. Her passion for writing was first discovered in 2004 when she was barely nine years old, but in fact it did not last long: she lacked the required vocabulary to express her stories and thoughts. It frustrated her, therefore it was only in 2007 that she began to pursue this crazy hobby again. This time it never disappear, although it faltered at some times. But there was always a diary entry, a page on her nonsensical thoughts...
Her first 'work' was a fanfiction of 175 pages based on Harry Potter in French. The writing and editing lasted a whole year. It was the best experience of her young years.

Now as a teenage girl nearly reaching adulthood, she is a passionate blogger and an aspiring avid writer, with a mind full of ideas, projects and dreams...

Official pen name: D. Judy

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  • The Temple on March 06, 2012

    I really like Heather's writing voice. It is so personal and easily makes me enter the mind, position of the protagonist in the story. I appreciate the Wiccan background: Adkins wants to show us a glimpse of her real life as a Witch. I was totally hooked about half-way and it was too sad that it ended so quickly. The plot is rather simple so it's nice to read the book after a heavy dull day... It helped me to relax and forget all of my worries. I also liked the fact that she included Macy as being lesbian - we have to accept that the world is changing and that everyone is allowed his own point of views, his own decisions in life. It was a funny way to end it. For a moment I really thought that Brett was a villain but well... Very entertaining.