David Newton-Miles


Born in Southampton, Ron Miles spent most of his working life in the aircraft industry. Starting at 14 as a handy lad, he retired at 65 as a senior planning engineer. At 18 he was drafted into the army, serving as a wireless operator in the R.H.A. in Italy and Palestine. He was a keen soccer player, and a lousy cricketer. He married in 1950 to Kathlyn, for 56 years, adopting two children. A few years before he retired he met Don Featherstone, the father of British wargaming, who introduced him to the hobby. He was a national champion twice, before doing it for fun. Don encouraged him to write for magazines, and since then he has broadened out. A founder member of the Wessex Military Dining Club, he still has a pint and an a pie, weekly with Don.


This member has not published any books.