Daniel Ormont


Daniel Ormont is a mechanical engineer and former US Patent Examiner. By invite, he attended a cosmology symposium at the Johns Hopkins Space Telescope Science Institute (STSI). He lives on the Delmarva peninsula with his wife and two children. Since a child, Daniel has experienced countless psychic episodes of a personal nature. Acquaintances have shared similar experiences: locating lost items for others, foretelling of relatives' illnesses, intervening to prevent a fatality - only foretold through dreams. For Daniel, it is not just dreams, and he believes each of us possess this ability to various degrees. Daniel remains open-minded to the impossibilities.

Guess what? Science may be catching on: Discover Magazine (July/August 2016) reported of the renewed interest in Entanglement, an abandoned idea from the infancy of quantum physics (the study of subatomic behavior) explaining how one particle may instantly influence another without physical contact nor proximity. Now, laboratory experiments are revealing what was once only theorized: the existence of "spooky action" at the subatomic level. (Ref: "Everything Worth Knowing About Entanglement", by Devin Powell.)

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Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 50,740. Language: English. Published: January 14, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
Volume II: Mayhem rules the school when Danny “Mouse” Ormont falls prey to the crazy antics of his dream girl, Patti Connor. What’s she cooking up now? Trapped in a power struggle, Danny must defend his good name armed with a weapon he barely understands: Precognition! The "Boy From Tomorrow" series is an enchanting YA series with a psychic twist-based on the author's precognitions since a youth.
Price: Free! Words: 55,590. Language: English. Published: January 7, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Adventure, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Paranormal
Volume I: Danny "Mouse" Ormont has girl troubles with Patti, his dream girl he has YET to meet! Is he totally bonkers? And, when they meet in 6th grade, imagine the impossibilities! Underdogs and bullies battle wits sparking zany high jinx. Madness rules the school in the "Boy From Tomorrow", an enchanting YA series with a psychic twist based on the author's premonitions since childhood.