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D.R. Racey has served on active duty in the U.S. Military since 1998 and spends much of his time off writing, developing his next story, and designing his own cover art. He has been married since 2000 and has three children.

He started writing in 2008 as a hobby and published his first book in 2012. His first published book is Blood Rites which is a paranormal fiction novel about a werewolf on the run from his former pack master. D.R. Racey has also published a historical fiction novella about an Army National Guard unit stationed in Baghdad, Iraq during the surge (War - 8000 Miles From Home). He has also completed two fantasy novels as part of the Phoenix Blade Trilogy (Conflagration and Lineage).

All D.R. Racey novels are available from Amazon.com in Paperback and for Kindle.

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D.R. Racey

Books by D.R. Racey

Blood Rites

The Phoenix Blade Trilogy
Book One - Conflagration
Book Two - Lineage
Book Three - Impasse (Available 2016)

War - 8000 Miles From Home

Enmity Awakened (Available Starting in 2015 - Planned to be a 4 to 6 Part Serial)

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Smashwords book reviews by DR Racey

  • The Beginning (The Daughter of Ares Chronicles) on March 17, 2013

    Athine Verses was a great read for me. The detailed story packed into this novella was interesting from start to finish. The book starts off with a prologue that gives some history into the gods and events that had happened earlier in history. If you are not one for lots of history then you can skip the prologue and go right to chapter one. Some readers love history and lots of names and places, other readers don’t like the history. Don’t worry though if you are one of those that don’t like history up front....you can skip the prologue and not miss a beat in the book. I for one read the history as it was enlightening and well written. A very good job of tying both Greek and Norse mythology into one encompassing story The story flows seamlessly as you learn about Harmonia and Athine, two half sisters, both the daughters of Ares. The story moves between both character leads and shows the world from their point of view. The transitions between the character leads were well written, even in places where things happened at the same time. It was a nice transition to see multiple things happening at the same time as Shannon did well at story showing instead of story telling. Without spoiling the plot..... There is an effort to save the world and another effort to destroy the world. I will not say who is involved in which part of the plot, but it was well written and made for a nice surprise towards the end of the book. Technical aspects of the book were almost flawless. The sentence structure was well written and provided details that let the reader visualize what their surroundings looked like. This was expertly done as the perfect amount of detail was given which kept me interested in the book. The only downside of the entire book is that it was too short. Roughly 25,000 words kept me in my seat for three hours straight and left me wanting more when I was finished with the book. I will definitely be reading the next two books in the series to get more of what Shannon has started in this book. I would recommend this book for readers in middle school grades and higher. There is no use of profanity, no sexual encounters, and the violence is mild but realistic. A must read for lovers of fantasy and mythology. If you like a book with a strong female lead, then you are going to love this novella. 5 out of 5 Stars for a very well written story in regards to content, technical style, and enjoyment. DISCLAIMER: This book was gifted to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own, and no money or other compensation was provided for this review.