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So what can I tell you about me?

Hmmm? Well what do you really want to know? I’m hoping that what you really want to know about is my books and writing, my tips and experiences as a writer... sadly the rest is not particularly interesting.

So writing? Well I have always wanted to be a writer. Since I was a child, I have always started out writing novels, children’s books, screenplays, anything to get the stories out of my head. And, boy, is there a wealth of stories in there. Everyday new characters appear, going off on exciting new adventures, in a myriad of strange and new worlds. As you can imagine, I have very vivid dreams! However, my problem then was that I never finished these books, and these characters and their journeys remained forever trapped...after all, who was ever going to want to read my work?

...fast forward to a couple of years back, and I met up with a crowd of more literary types, people who have actually had things published, and who knew what they were talking about. I loved talking to them about the excitement and joy of writing, the release and pleasure of crafting the written word. Eventually they asked if they could read something of mine.

At first I was terrified. What if I was rubbish? What if I had no talent at all? Finally fighting my fears, I allowed them to take a look at some of my work, and, shockingly, they actually liked it!

So inspired I decided to actually finish a book, and following on from that another, and then others. I also started writing poetry again, and entering one into the 2012 Wergle Flomp Humour competition (sorry “humor”, as it was a US competition after all), I received an honourable mention, coming in the top 15, out of more than 2,600 entries.

Since that time, I have gone on to write a number of novels, short stories, poems and scripts.

So what genre do I write?

Ah... now that’s a tricky one. In truth I don’t. My writing is broad and varied, as are my interests. After no one would want to read the same thing all the time, so who would want to write the same thing? Not me anyway...

Saying that, there are always similar themes running through my work (well except the children’s books perhaps), and I am always drawn to putting a new slant on existing tales. For example, “The Cinder Arc” series explores the story of Cinderella, after she meets the prince. What happens to the stepmother and sisters? What if the people of her world aren’t so keen on being ruled by a king anymore? What if the handsome prince isn’t all that he’s cracked up to be? – These questions and more are answered in the “Cinder Crown,” and the subsequent novels will explore this further.

The Daemon Prince takes a classic fairy tale of Good versus Evil, and seeks to turn it on its head, sort of... After all, as Sir Rodderick says ‘Rescuing a princess from a dragon is not a good basis for a marriage...’

Then there are other books, such as ‘Mostly Normal’ (in development), which is your classic love story, albeit set in the lab of a parasite researcher! And for those who knew me as a scientist (long, long ago), IT IS NOT BASED ON ME... well maybe a little bit...

Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
Fans? Wow well I guess that is what it's all about isn't it? I love creating stories, but what is the point of creating them if nobody reads them. Fans are the next best thing after family (in fact better than some family :o)
What are you working on next?
The third part of the Cinder Arc. I'm now 22 years after the first book and in this one Cordelia's children are all grown up and facing their own challenges... oh and unresolved issues from books 1&2!
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The Cinder Crown
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 147,140. Language: British English. Published: July 8, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Historical, Fiction » Historical » Regency
Intrigue, revolution, and war. Rescued from her abusive step-mother by the spymaster Countess Maria, Cordelia is feted and loved by the people as their beloved Cinderella. Beneath the surface however, the country is teetering on the edge of bloody revolution and deadly factions. If she is to survive, Cordelia must quickly learn to navigate this dangerous new world, or else be destroyed.

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