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Born in 1958 (age 58), I suffered the inability to learn like others, as I was born with Dyslexia. Nearly all my life, the things I learned were self taught. Included in my self teaching was spelling and poetic grammar. Later in years (Performing on Stage). All my way through school and even into College I stumbled in learning. After my time in the service (U.S. Coast Guard) and my first of two failed marriages I began writing, if for no other reason, but to occupy my time. Writing short stories, I began learning the thrill of creativity. Soon after the loss of my late second wife I began to teach myself the art of spelling...

About a year later I began writing poetry, only at the time, I didn't even know it was poetry that I was writing. Funny coming from someone who didn't know what a pronoun was, much less any other proper grammar!

As the years went on I continued writing poetry, even after the loss of a business and giving up on life and living, I literally left my known life to live in the streets. I was a train wreck, but even while I walked the entire state of Florida searchig for my place in the world, I learned a lot about people, especially how people view people who live in the streets, they don't care why you landed there, they just look down with pity; at best. I didn't know it during those three years homeless, but I was inadvertently honing my skills as a poet; as a writer.

Witnessing and being greatly inspired by a true miracle I decided it was time to go back to the area I grew up and start a new life. Upon returning it wasn't an easy thing coming out of the streets. It was my brother who helped me in landing a job (simply because I was homeless, and nobody wanted to hire a homeless person). I began working while still living in the streets, then soon thereafter I landed my own apartment.

Ever since I began writing poetry, regardless of my circumstances, poetry kept me alive...

Moving into the early 90's I learned that going to poetry forums was not good for me, so I formed my own poetry guild. Although it has been handed over a few times, and I'm not now in possession of it anymore, it is still to this day a fun place for poets to meet.
During that time enjoying poetry of others, creatively having fun I had met a girlfriend of my brother. As it turned out, she is a seriously awesome Pianist and teacher of Piano to this day. I will only use her Stage Name: JUDE.

JUDE had written a piece of music and one day I had the honor of listening to it, she called it "Beginning Anew". The best part was that she played her composition on an 1800 and something Steinway Grand. Days after hearing this beautiful piece of music, it was still rolling around in my head. Inspired by this, I sat down and wrote my first (piano) inspired poem "Beginning Anew".

That job I mentioned, well I operated a detail shop in Tampa's highest and newest high rise. One day, JUDE had come to the building to play music, so I presented the poem by placing it on the piano notes stand. She was late arriving, but, since many occupants in the high rise new I was doing this, we all sort of his behind the elevator shafts in the lobby and waited for JUDE's arrival. When she saw the poem, she instantly knew who wrote it...

JUDE dropped the coat in her arms and began to cry. The composition and the poem represented her new attachment with my brother, their new relationship. I didn't know it at the time, but this was to become a new and wonderful time in my life as a poet.

Before I knew it JUDE was writing and playing for me new and wonderful compositions, in which I would write a poem for; same title. The next big thing was the formation of JUDE's New Age Band "Kindred Spirits". Not long thereafter I began performing with JUDE at various venues in our area. I did it for fun; she was paid.

As to this book of poems the story ends here, but rest assured that I am still a writer, and much, much more has become a part of that.

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Kindred Spirits Poetry
Price: $8.00 USD. Words: 910. Language: American English. Published: December 3, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Inspirational
Though still in my infancy as a poet at that time, this book of wonderful poems were inspired by another and wonderful artist, a Tampa FL based Pianist and teacher of piano. Please treat yourself to any and all upcoming works by David Johnson, poetry, short stories and maybe even a book or two, that you can hang your hat on...

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