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  • Believe on May 23, 2012

    First I want to thank We ♥ YA Books! and the author for a copy of this book... When I was reading the first chapters of this book, I thought it was simple and straight forward... Then as the story goes on, I can't help but think that there are some similarities between this book and Twilight... Like the Brennens only drink animal blood, they also have supernatural powers and some more... But the huge difference of the two books is that Believe's protagonist is a Crusnik or vampire hunter... Another huge difference is that Believe includes mythology... I did love reading this book, though I was bored at the first chapters but as I read it, it became more interesting... And why did it have to end that way?! What a revelation! It really left me hanging for the next book... When is the release of the next book anyway? And the spelling errors... is it really like that?
  • Leopard Moon (Book 1 of the Moon series) on June 03, 2012

    First, I would like to thank Ms. Jeanette Battista and We ♥ YA Books! for a copy of this book... Honestly, I really don't know what I will say about this book... It was not boring but it was not that interesting... I mean the book is good but for me the story did not catch my attention... Though Ms. Jeanette wrote the story in a nice manner, there were some parts where I got bored... And I think all will say that the cover looks like Fallen by Lauren Kate but still there were some differences... Finally, I can't really say that I will recommend this book to others...
  • Unguarded on Oct. 12, 2012

    Cover: It’s fine… The girl looks very lonely... Selene: In the first chapters of the book, I really don’t like her… It’s because, for me, her “love” for Cole was an obsession… I got this idea because she was really desperate to save Cole and I don’t even know who Cole is (except that he is Selene’s vampire boyfriend)… It was the only thing she can think of and because of her obsession, Caitlyn’s life was put in jeopardy… But after she was able to save Cole, I saw that her “love” for him was really love… And by that time it was too bad because her heart can’t be given to two guys… Anyway, when she went to the place I will call “The Between”, I started to like her… But her lack of obedience to her superiors was never erased be it in her angel form, her human form, and her “other form”, especially when she sees someone she loves in danger… Oh, and let’s not forget her habit: she solves a problem and then creates another problem just seconds after she solved the first one… Cole: I think he really loves Selene… But I get the impression that he doesn’t want Selene to be a fallen because of him… Though no matter what happens to Selene, he was there loving her even if it causes him heartache… And his attempted s**c**e showed that he was nothing without Selene… Luke: Another guy who loves Selene… When I was reading the story, I got the idea that his feelings for Selene was genuine and that he’s willing to do anything for her… It’s like his love for Selene even surpasses Cole’s love for her… Story: I really had a hard time finishing this book… The first chapters were really boring, now as the story goes on and on, the story became more interesting… I think the interesting parts started around the 20+ chapters… Lastly, I think the book would be better if it was told by 2 or more important characters… As I said earlier, the first chapters were boring because they were told by an obsessed Selene… Happy Reading!!! Thank you!!! *To the author: I'm really sorry the review was later than I intended... Sorry!!!
  • Elemental: The First on Feb. 04, 2013

    Cover: It's alright... I like her hair by the way... =) Rose: The only thing I can say about her is that I pity her... I pity her because her life has been a lie from the start... I pity her because she really do not know what or who she is... Aiden: I don't think being alone or just because your uncle said so you will do bad things... I think Aiden could have lived a better life if his attitude was different from the start... But I guess I really have to look into the fact that he was waiting for her... Story: The story was okay... I did finish the book in a day so that's quite an achievement... But I can't help but say that there was a time when I got so bored that I jumped that chapter... I guess, it was alright because the chapter was not that really important... But I do like the idea of the story... Halíka Dacomé was really intriguing me to no end... I was always asking "Who could she really be?"... I wanted to know more about her but it seems that the book was not really telling much... Except that she had acquaintances when they were sent here on earth... I would also like to know more about her history with Aiden... What would their story be? Will it be tragic or what? Recommended? I would recommend it if you want something unique...
  • The Athena Effect on March 04, 2013

    Thank you Never Too Old for Y.A. Books and the author for providing an ecopy of this book... Cover: I love her eyes... Title: At first, I was curious why the title like that, and as the story goes on, I discovered why it's named that way... Caledonia: Love her name... What I like about her is that she knew how to protect herself despite her fragile appearance... She was very smart and she loves nature... She was cautious on how to act with other people, well her gifts made her a walking lie detector that's why she knows immediately what people are feeling... I think this is one of those rare times when I don't have any complaint about a particular character... She was very easy to like, with her seemingly naive attitude people will surely like her... Calvin: He was a lovable character... He looks after Caledonia even if it's clear who the stronger character was... He was trying to make Caledonia's life easier through many ways... He makes her happy and of course makes her laugh... And he also made Caledonia feel love... Story: Did you know that the 2 main characters are individually known as Cal? Because of this, Calvin decided to call Caledonia, Cali so that they won't be confused who is who... So cute... The story was really interesting... I thought that it was a paranormal story at first but when I reached around 60% of the story it became clear that it was not, it was actually a sci-fi... And let me tell you, I'm not a big fan of sci-fi but this story made me think twice... It was really good... And the ending!!! I guess karma's a reall b***h, isn't it? Take that you Professor Meanie!!! Happy Reading!!! Thank you!!!