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Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I fell in love with fiction as a child when I glimpsed the cover of a science fiction paperback my mother had been reading. I loved reading in general, and read everything from books on history to thrillers, fantasy novels and war stories. I wrote my first story at age 12, and by the time I reached 21, knew that I wanted to write fiction professionally.

I have had a number of short stories published at 10Flash Quarterly and Every Day Fiction, and am now working on a serial novel, along with more short fiction.

I am also very interesting in the new ereading technologies, having longed for such a device years ago, and excited in the possibilities. In my day job at the local public library, I help patrons learn how to use their new ereaders and tablets to enjoy stories in the new digital medium.

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  • Self Publishing Success on March 27, 2014

    I'm a former student of Mary Rosenblum's and now an indie published author. I had the privilege of providing feedback on a draft version of Self-Publishing Success, and snapped up a copy of the finished book as soon as it was published. Mary's been in the trenches of traditional publishing; her science fiction and mystery novels have been published by big New York houses. She's won awards for her short fiction. She has spent years helping writers learn and hone their craft, with the keen eye of a sympathetic editor and a fellow writer. Now, in Self-Publishing Success, Mary helps writers become self-published authors with the same wry wisdom and insight she provided her students. You won't find detailed information on how to format your ebook--there are plenty of guides elsewhere. What you will find is a pathway to becoming an indie author, written in an open, frank conversational tone, as though you and Mary were talking about your potential indie career in a one-on-one over lunch. Wondering if you should take the indie path? Mary has you covered. If you have questions about the small press option instead of self-publishing, Mary has the answers. She discusses how important having not only a finished book, but a good one is and just how valuable having an editor is for a self-published author, to make that finished book even better. While Self-Publishing Success is not a guide to creating and formatting ebooks, it does give an overview of what goes into designing and formatting an ebook, and resources to help with that, as well as discussing how vital having an effective cover and good jacket blurbs are. Mary guides you through the shark-infested waters of author publishers, companies that claim to help you get your work published. She discusses copyright and what rights you hold when you self-publish, an area many authors, including myself, need help with. She goes on to discuss promotion and how to do it well, the various tools from a newsletter to YouTube, and the how to zero in on reaching your potential readers. Time management is one of my pitfalls; thankfully, this book covers that thorny topic. Making your self-publishing a priority may not be easy, but it’s necessary, so very necessary if you are to have any kind of publishing success. The indie path takes not only time and patience, it takes knowledge, and Self-Publishing Success gives you that knowledge and the tools you need to take the indie-road, and not only embark on self-publishing, but do it successfully. If you have an interest at all in taking the indie path, or even the small-publishing route, you need this book.