DB Dakota


The author’s first love was the lady in Sir Walter Scott’s opus; a chapbook about her merited an A+ in English. Music manuscripts submitted to a publisher were passed over, but motivated him to compose the class song for graduation.

Twenty years of railroading, military service and broadcasting followed. He dashed off shoestring commercials for budget television clients, scripted industrials, and TV shows about the gold rush and railroading, then got out Land of Legend, a history book.

Readers Digest rejected his true story about the passenger train wreck he almost caused as signal operator by pushing the wrong button. The account is a sidetracked cliffhanger. Liability for lives, he balked at it, at the burden, and quit railroading. His license to operate radio stations turned into television directing. Sitting there in the dark he’d watch a zillion things at once and talk fast—no wrong buttons.

Fleeing video for the corporate client universe, he tagged credits to film documentaries about atomic bomb production and security with a Q-clearance; ski patrol safety; broadcasting; mental health rehab; the Air Force Academy; and shoots for national clients.

Career change: Ad agency copywriter, graphic artist; award winning spots, jingles, sightseeing Denver in a Day history guidebook, tech monographs. Next, an art gallery, a challenging enterprise for a restless creative to unveil the worlds of detectives, miners and pre-historics. His attic is stuffed with unpublished novel and short story manuscripts.

(CREDITS: The Executioner’s Song, mystery/crime novel published 7/2012 by Wings ePress, The Shoot from Hell, mystery/crime novel due out 2/13, The Conjuror’s Agenda, prehistoric suspense novel by Whispers Publishing, due out 9/2012, Knights of the Narrow Gauge, short story, Gypsy Shadow Press, Denver in a Day, Colorado Land of Legend, Sixties history books, TV/film documentaries: No Longer Afraid, Ft. Logan, Watch O’er the Ramparts, Air Force Academy, Inside the Challenge, Atomic Energy Commission classified, No Silence Please, CO broadcasters;, SafeSchuss, National Ski Patrol, business: articles, advertising, jingles, audios.

BIO/BG: Radio DJ-reporter-engineer in CO, WV, VA, NC, SC, station, recording studio, art gallery builder, copywriter, movie scripter, tech writer, music composer, photographer, cinematographer, film producer, television director, graphic artist, USAF Sgt., train controller, electronic & tech schools. Pen name, DB Dakota.)


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