Rose Gaglio

Smashwords book reviews by Rose Gaglio

  • The Story of You: The Lost Brothers Series on Oct. 01, 2022

    Have you ever gotten so lost in a book.? So invested in the lives of the characters that it consumes you? Then the story is over and all you can do is sit quietly for a while because you’re not ready to go back to the real world. Book one, The Lost Brothers, made me fall in love with these boys and then this book surprised me by making me love them even more. My heart is gone and they all have it. I give it willingly. In this second installment, Oliver is given a book to read written by his family and found family. It tells of their tragic past and helps him to see the love they have for each other and how they came to be. Simon and Shane. Darius and Wyatt and Asher. Silas and Lakshan. Oliver and Julius. The author gives us time with everyone but the book especially shows a different side of Silas. He is a strong, powerful, no nonsense man but vulnerable, self sacrificing and fiercely and completely devoted to Oliver. We see how much he truly is Oliver’s father. I must admit I have a secret crush on Shane. Reading about him and Simon. The quiet strength. I just want to sit in a room with him and watch him as he discreetly evaluates the needs of his found family and acts on it. And I’m obsessed with Wyatt! Dear God that man! I want him to give me a nickname! I melted every time he spoke to Oliver. I need more Wyatt. But Silas? What he went through. What he still is going through. You ever hear the saying, “You think you know but you have no idea”. Well that definitely rings true. My heart broke for him. I am so grateful of the way the author, “Mock”, gave the reader breaks from Oli reading the book. I needed a break to process and remind myself that they made it through that nightmare. I was grateful when Lakshan put it on top of the refrigerator for a while. Lakshan always seems to know what is needed. And Darius! Oh my heart. He is wild and charming and reckless to the world. But now we see that he is truly clever and smart and needs love and lots of it. I’m trying hard not to give spoilers but know this. This series will pull you in. You will find yourself a part of this family and living in their world. You won’t want to leave.
  • Everleigh's Ring on Dec. 31, 2022

    Once again S Legend pulled me in and made me have feelings. First, I feel bad for everything Lee is going through and it’s all unfair and humiliating and then, wait a minute, I think he likes it! And Ocean is this controlling and no nonsense, no second chances, wall of stone but wait, maybe he isn’t all stone? Then I think I want Lee to break free from Ocean but when things happen, all I can think is, Lee needs to be with Ocean! Without giving too much more away, as we learned more about the back stories of the characters, it was so revealing and not what I expected. I love to be surprised! The sex was crazy hot and lots of different kinks. There just might of have been something for everyone. Definitely worth a read!
  • Brothers of Reckoning on Oct. 01, 2023

    This is the third book in my favorite series by S Legend. One of my favorite authors, she reached a new level with this book. The writing is exceptional and it has caused me to experience a tidal wave of contrasting feelings. One of the things I love most about her writing is that she insists that she is merely a scribe. Her characters have a story to tell and she just records it for them. I love that! I feel like this was the case for Silas. We all have our idea of how we want a story to end. But, just like life in general, we can’t make those decisions for someone else’s life. While I might have wanted something different for Silas, he wanted something different for himself. He is not just a one dimensional character. There are many sides to him and we get to see them in this installment. Do I have a favorite Silas? Yes, of course. I love firm, strict, unyielding Silas. But that is just one side of him. Love Simon and Shane! Hate Alexander! Wyatt and his boys gave me all the feels! I love their dynamic and to see Darius truly content. He deserves to be happy. And OIiver. He is the hero in this story. The youngest brother, always protected and sheltered, stood up and took his place as a Randall brother. He showed himself to be smart and clever. I was so proud of him. This series is definitely worth the read.