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Smashwords book reviews by Dallasws

  • Diego's Dragon, Book Two: Dragons of the Dark Rift on July 06, 2015

    4 Big Ooohs! from the Biggo. The Biggo was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. It took the Biggo a while to get into this book. Maybe he was tired. What I can say is that Diego's Dragon is well written, with excellent world-building that melds universal themes such as space, time, galaxies, solar systems, Mayan myth and Dragons, with that of an everyday suburban world that the protagonist, Diego, inhabits. The boy, Diego, has a calling. He is a guide to the great dragon Magnifico who must lead the Sol Dragones into battle against the evil Satadon and his dragon minions. Tucked safely away within the Dark Rift in space, Satadon plans to stop the prophecy which will see the coming of the 5th Sun. If Satadon can stop this happening, he will rule all. Diego's part is to help bring the prophecy into being. Guided by the mysterious Mr Sullivan, Diego learns how to wield the magic of Dragon Fire, and how to defend himself. Diego reunites with his long-lost friend, Racquel, who disappeared mysteriously in the first book. She, too, is a guide for the dragon ,Estrella, the female equivalent of Magnifico. The Biggo loved the Dragon battle scenes, the Spanish-American influence, and the setting in County San Diego. This brought back memories of living near this City as a small boy. If you love scales, tooth, claws, and tails, myth, space, and suburbia, then you will love this book. Highly recommended reading for upper middle graders, or young adults, and fans of the genre.