Damian Bloodstone


"I live through my words, writing to let others indulge in fantasies, dreams and temptations that they might otherwise be too unwilling or afraid to reveal in real life."

I love writing stories, sci-fi, paranormal and fantasy the most with romance and a certain amount of heat to them.


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Smashwords book reviews by Damian Bloodstone

  • The Firehouse Diaries: Entry Four - Blinding Obsession on Oct. 21, 2013

    Chasity has a unique vision with this story. It is so easy to read that you fall into it. The characters come alive on the pages and their hopes, dreams, confusions and desires become your own. I had thought, "Oh, Firehouse Diaries," all about the firehouse and the stuff that goes on there. Instead, I found that only a small parts takes place there. The story isn't just about firefighters, which both are, but about how they each survived something to try to find the one important thing in life, LOVE. The erotic scenes and BDSM are well done and realistic. They are not simply done to make a scene in the book but to enhance the plot and drive it. Everything is tastefully executed and well thought out. The D/s (dominance/submission) situations are done in such a manner that even the novice will understand and not be turned off. Chasity even brings up the necessary before talk, the talk before anyone does anything with anyone in true BDSM situations, and the contract, that many hear about but never understand unless having been into the lifestyle or witnessed it. I found her book to be a hot read with a wonderful story. It even has a happily ever after ending. What more could you want, except more. This is an unbiased review of the book and its content.
  • Dark Slayer - Night of the Nymphs on Oct. 31, 2013

    This was a terrific short story. The ending makes a great lead in to another longer one too. The characters are amazing and the heat factor is OMG. It isn't just the erotica in it though, it is the story behind what is happening that now has me intrigued. Her story is well crafted and her world. It is a great paranormal/fantasy piece.