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Once upon a time Damien B. Feral was minding his own business, sketching out ideas for a new sculpture, when all of a sudden a film started to play in his mind’s eye. The story he could see was so vivid, almost real, that it quickly became all he could think about.
At first he tried to ignore it, thinking that it was just his fertile imagination acting up again...but the film kept playing. It began to invade his dreams and occupy his waking mind; the story was demanding attention.
Deciding that he had to do something about it he tried to tell the tale using what creativity he had at his disposal...but clay wasn’t enough. So, one day, Damien sat down in front of his computer and started writing – something he hadn’t done since he left school.
In the beginning he had no idea how to use words to tell a tale. His knowledge of grammar was almost non-existent as he had spent most of his education daydreaming and not paying attention to his teachers. So, unsurprisingly the first draft of his debut novel ‘The last Ryder’ was little more than a short story. Not satisfied with what he had achieved he spent the following years working as a barista during the day and teaching himself to write in the evening.
By then end of 2012 he had completed his first novel, lengthening the initial short story into the opening of a trilogy. The world of Darkfern is now a living breathing place, filled with imaginative and believable characters who all want their lives to be told by Damien. Now is the time for him to come out of the woodwork and share his talent for telling a tale with the world...

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