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Dan Frazer is a little bit schizophrenic. It's hard not to be when you are, in fact, two entirely separate people: Dan Smith and Frazer Fearnhead.

They met over the garden fence when Dan moved next door to Frazer in 2007. Soon discovering a common love of cooking pretentious food (because of greed), watching pretentious French cinema (because of the naked girls) and listening to pretentious music (because it made them sound cultured), they also found they loved the same sort of books: unpretentious thrillers.

One drunken night, they began a well-trodden rant, bemoaning the fact that all the wisecracking heroes in thrillers were American. Most British thrillers seemed to be gritty police procedurals or gruff SAS-types saving the world. Despite loving books about dysfunctional, grumpy protagonists like Rebus or Tom Thorne, they wanted a British hero who was, well, cool.

They had a Martini-fuelled epiphany; stop moaning and start writing.

Surprisingly, even when sober it still seemed like a good idea. They chose to write about the place they knew best: the “footballer belt” of North Cheshire/South Manchester. A place of contrast, where brash, ostentatious consumption meets picturesque countryside, they wanted to share why they loved the place so much.

They also wanted a hero who would fight for justice, but solve problems in a unique way, using his brain rather than violence.

What followed was two years of arguing, bitching, sniping, pedantry (Dan), haranguing (Frazer) and lots of laughter. They loved every minute of it. Sort of.

The Cheshire Sect is the result.

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The Cheshire Sect
Price: Free! Words: 88,210. Language: British English. Published: October 5, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Crime thriller, Fiction » Humor & comedy » Black comedy
Range Rovers, Rape and Retribution in Cheshire’s affluent footballer belt… Sebastian Bonham is a young man with unique skills and a strong sense of justice. When he discovers a powerful sect of devil worshippers are sacrificing young women deep in the heart of Alderley Edge, and the police are powerless to stop them, he decides to mete out his own brand of justice with devastating effects.

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